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SIMPOCALYPSE - Early Access DEMO will be available on and Armorgames tomorrow!

Ljubljana, December 3, 2020Gamex Studio, an independent game development studio from Slovenia just announced that they will share the Demo of Simpocalypse firstly on and ArmorGames to gather more feedback about the game before entering Early Access on Steam later this month!

Gamex studio is excited to announce that Simpocalypse DEMO will be available to playtest on and ArmorGames from December 4th,2020 onwards, as well as via the studio's official sites. The main reason behind this is that they are increasing the reach of the game and offering it to a wider audience, even not specifically simulation/incremental related audience. The studio is now in urgent need of additional playtesters, to get valuable feedback on the game's performance, features, onboarding process, and much more!

The Early Access Demo announcement now comes with the updated official page, and the EA Trailer coming out in the following days as well!

Developers said:
''The official game's website just received a whole graphical overhaul, which should now suit the needs of the game's presentation to any upcoming players and press. We are still in the process of updating the games' official Trailer, which should come out in the following days as well. We are thrilled how the development of the game is progressing and excited to share the current Demo version with those that just can't wait to play the full game later this month!''

About Simpocalypse
Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game,  coming out in Early Access on Steam for PC on December 15th.  The main goal players will need to accomplish is to try to survive the post-apocalyptic era! Exploring, scavenging, and gathering resources are just one of the crucial steps to establish a stable settlement, before expanding it to enemy territories to become a global empire!

The Story
A player is thrown in the world after a nuclear war has torn the world apart, where everyone needs to act fast to survive. There are no technical advancements left, only basic resources are scattered across the wasteland and even those are limited around the shelters…Those limitations put the player in a constant need to expand to neighboring territories where the player could find extra resources to keep their civilization alive. But, wait – those territories are controlled by other post-apocalyptic civilizations, who just like you, are trying to ensure their survival. And they won't let you take over their resources without a battle, a battle for domination over the territory.

The game aims to become the player's first pick in terms of simulation games with a post-apocalyptic ambiance, especially for those who love to dive deep into the managerial, strategy, tycoon, and optimization features.

More about the game:
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Simpocalypse Official(game descriptions, links)

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*Simpocalypse is set to be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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PRESS contact
Name: Rok Jesenicnik
Position: CEO/CFO
Company: Gamex studio d.o.o.