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SHARK SIEGE - TOGETHER SURVIVAL: Conquer the Depths with Friends, Coming Soon on Steam!

Solo or CO-OP with friends, survive the siege and keep your vessel afloat in “SHARK SIEGE - TOGETHER SURVIVAL” where the deep blue sea is your adversary, and courage is your strongest ally. Join the voyage, if you dare!

Welcome aboard "SHARK SIEGE - TOGETHER SURVIVAL," where the endless ocean is your battleground and survival hinges on your courage and cooperation. Whether you brave the deep alone or join forces with friends, this CO-OP survival game will test your wits and resilience like never before.

Watch the Teaser Trailer here!

Survive the Siege, Keep Afloat, and Conquer the Seas!

Navigate the perilous waters, fend off relentless shark attacks, and keep your vessel intact. "SHARK SIEGE - TOGETHER SURVIVAL" demands strategic thinking, seamless teamwork, and unwavering resourcefulness. The giant predator lurks beneath, waiting for any sign of weakness. Do you have what it takes to keep your ship and your crew alive?

Join the Voyage if You Dare!

Step into an oceanic adventure that pushes the boundaries of co-op gameplay. Whether you're a lone sailor or part of a fearless crew, the sea is calling, and the shark is circling. Will you rise to the challenge and become a legend of the deep?

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