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LOS ANGELES, CA – February 8, 2024  – Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has launched a new update for SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE, featuring four new Legendary heroes, two new modes and various Lunar New Year events.
Four Legendary heroes join the idle adventure in this update. Rakshasa is a ranged hero who boosts the Critical Hit chance of Defensive allies. Lee Jung is a hero who excels in defense and gains a shield equivalent to his maximum health after Taunting. Joining them are Xiao, a hero who has the ability to draw opponents towards her from a distance, inflicting a Silence debuff and Medea who enhances her allies with a buff that amplifies the damage output when she attacks the 'Nightmare Boss Monster'.

The new Nightmare Stage mode is now accessible to players who have reached the final stage. Upon completion, players will earn Medea and Elixirs to help speed up the growth of their heroes. Updates also include the introduction of stages 9,601 through 10,400, Tower of Infinity expansion to the 1,000th floor and the Fang of the Glacier 10 player dungeon.
To celebrate the Lunar New Year, various events are now available through February 21:

  • Lunar New Year Check-In Event: Players  have the chance to earn a “Lucky Pouch” after checking in for 7 days. On the 7th day, players can also receive a Seven Knights Hero Selection Ticket. The Lucky Pouch can be used to earn New Year Money, Dungeon Entry Tickets and the Rice Cake Soup Dish item.
  • Sweet Valentine’s Carnival Event: Earn the Legendary Hero Bathory.
  • Rate-Up Event: Receive a higher chance to summon Rakshasa and Xiao during the event period. 

Based on their flagship franchise and the successor to the original Seven Knights game, SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE has been reimagined as an idle RPG. Developed with low capacity and low specification devices in mind with a guiding principle of easy playability, players will experience an expanded storyline with previously untold episodes of the original Seven Knights heroes. Collect and nurture returning fan-favorites who have been reborn as cute SD characters.
As an official continuation of Seven Knights, a game enjoyed by 60 million players globally, SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE will be an exciting addition for fans looking to learn more and interact with their favorite heroes with a low time investment.

For more information on SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE, please be sure to stay tuned to the official brand website for future updates. The game will introduce many more heroes and modes in the coming months.

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