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Partnership allows gamers to purchase physical products through SCUTI and use their rewards to purchase Blockchain-tied digital items through GoNFTY’s metaverse platform

NEW YORK, NY, MAY 23, 2023 – SCUTI, the pioneer in rewarded gCommerce (a new game monetization category, valued at $70B total addressable market) announced today a partnership with GoNFTY to integrate the SCUTI marketplace into its multiverse engine to fuel purchases in Web3 Games.  

SCUTI works by incorporating a non-intrusive marketplace directly into the lobby of each game, without disrupting gameplay or user experience. This partnership allows content creators the ability to earn completely new revenue streams through SCUTI and lets players make purchases of physical products, earning up to 5% back in loyalty points, which they can then exchange for blockchain-tied in-game items.

“SCUTI provides players with a unique rewards system where they can earn loyalty points in any of our Web3 games and metaverse experiences and use those points to buy NFTs, which are blockchain-tied digital items, within the game,” said Yasin Sliti, Founder of GoNFTY. “Our players are literally getting their NFTs for free.  This is a huge win for players and for Web3 gaming, fueled by SCUTI.”

Additionally, SCUTIs (loyalty points) can provide an added incentive for players to keep playing and engage deeper with their game experience. Players can earn loyalty points across any SCUTI-connected experience, and redeem them for digital items, across any game they wish.

“GoNFTY is moving to upgrade the quality of Web3 games, and SCUTI is thrilled to be part of this journey,” said Nicholas Longano, CEO of SCUTI. “The purchase of any in-game digital items has long been a challenge for all game-makers, and now SCUTI can help drive these purchases by allowing players to use the rewards they earn from buying physical goods, to purchase any blockchain-tied items across any game, empowering players, while generating more dollars for content creators.”

With every purchase on SCUTI, it’s the brands which are helping enhance the play experience for every player, giving back to players with each engagement and helping accelerate the revenue potential of every single game. 

SCUTI was built by game industry veterans who created the in-game advertising market 20 years ago with Massive and now the next generation of Web3 game monetization. 

SCUTI is the marketplace for gamers, and the pioneer in rewarded gCommerce. It allows gamers to earn rewards through their favorite games and using SCUTI's marketplace to make in-game purchases. Rewards can provide players with the opportunity to unlock new levels or items, making gameplay more fun and engaging. This innovative approach to gaming is quickly gaining popularity among gamers and game makers.
SCUTI was built by video game industry veterans, with backgrounds from Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, Zynga, Electronic Arts, Eidos, MiniClip and Xbox Game Studios. SCUTI is a portfolio company of Fasanara Capital group investment house. Fasanara Capital is an independent, owner-managed, alternative asset management company authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Learn more at
About GoNFTY
GoNFTY is a web3 gaming platform for both Gamers and Creators, empowering anyone to monetise or create web3 games. The platform will be a feature-rich, one-stop shop providing a curated library of exciting web3 games and a toolkit to enable anyone to create their own games and virtual worlds which can be integrated with chain-agnostic web3 technologies.

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