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SCP: Secret Files by Pixmain and GameZoo Studio Declassifies All-New Demo for Steam Next Fest

Investigate the mysterious case of SCP-701 ‘The Hanged King’s Tragedy’ on Steam from June 13th - June 20th 

Beijing, China - June 13, 2022 - GameZoo Studio, the developers behind upcoming horror/adventure title SCP: Secret Files, today announced their participation in Steam's Next Fest event. 

Running from  13th - 20th June, Next Fest is a celebration of Steam games currently in development and regularly features hundreds of demos, updates, and livestreams. Having recently surpassed 100,000 wishlists on Steam, the developers of SCP: Secret Files are excited to offer players their first gameplay hands-on with the release of the game's official playable demo


Containing an entire chapter from the final game, the new demo investigates SCP-701 ‘The Hanged King's Tragedy’. Players will be tasked with exploring a mysterious hydroelectric station and making sense of the strange events that have occurred there. 

To give players a taste of what they can expect from this new chapter from SCP: Secret Files, GameZoo Studio have also released a brand new trailer. Watch it here


Taking inspiration from the real-life SCP Foundation collaborative writing project, SCP: Secret Files tells a number of stories concerning the activities of the fictional organisation tasked with protecting humanity from otherworldly phenomena and anomalies. You join as an assistant researcher, and must complete a strenuous induction program that will make you question everything you know. Featuring multiple protagonists and gameplay styles, and relaying its story through cutting edge Unreal Engine technology, SCP: Secret Files aims to be the most faithful video game adaptation of the SCP mythology to date.


Xiaoliang, Producer at GameZoo Studio said: “It’s our privilege with this game to bring to life some of the most iconic and memorable cases from the SCP Foundation. SCP-701 ’The Hanged King’s Tragedy’ is one of the team’s favourite tales and we can’t wait to see what players think of our adaptation! Be prepared for plenty of scares and keep your eyes peeled for some other special SCP easter eggs!”


Download the new SCP: Secret Files Demo as part of the Steam Next Fest here. SCP: Secret Files will be coming to PC in Q3 2022. 


You can find the official press kit here. For more information please contact Martin Hlousek from Swipe Right PR at



About GameZoo Studio

GameZoo is an indie studio based in Beijing, China. Established in mid-2019, the team presently consists of 6 people with diverse backgrounds: some have worked in the animated film industry, while others have previous experience with mobile game companies. GameZoo aims to build a variety of games and find innovative ways to tell the stories they create.


About Pixmain 

Pixmain is a new indie game publisher focused on games with creative and engaging gameplay that feature compelling themes like art, music, and immersive storylines. Without limitations to genre, platform, and region, Pixmain strives to make more high-quality games accessible to players around the world.