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RocketRide Games and Netflix Partner on Mobile Games

The streaming service entrusts RocketRide Games to deliver quality games to its gaming platform

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Montreal, Canada, January 27th 2022RocketRide Games has signed an agreement with Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service,to bring games to their mobile gaming platform. In December, RocketRide Games delivered two titles (Dominoes, Knittens) and more are on the way in the coming months. As an incentive to players, Netflix games promises no ads, no in-app purchases and is included with Netflix subscriptions.

Over the past two years, the agency has signed 45 deals which have generated more than $78MM revenue. Founded in 2017 by former Hibernum studio head Louis-Rene Auclair, RocketRide Games is a Montreal-based video game agency offering multiple consultative and hands-on support services covering the entire span of a game’s lifecycle.

Developers partnering with RocketRide Games take advantage of their in-house production experts who offer an extensive range of optional support services: ideation, creative direction, executive production, market analysis, product management, business strategy - all the way through to launch planning and engagement analysis.

“Everyone at RocketRide Games is extremely proud of this new partnership with Netflix. Having the ability to bring games to their millions of subscribers is definitely a great opportunity for RocketRide Games and for video games studios all over the world.”

-   Louis Rene Auclair


Development studios wishing to pitch a project are welcome
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RocketRide Games is a leading consulting agency for the video games industry. RocketRide Games offer a broad range of services unique from other agencies that help boost their video game industry partners toward their goals. With years of experience across all gaming platforms, RocketRide Games is able to help their partners navigate every stage of the development and publishing process, from refining concepts and proposals, to targeting key opportunities and partners, through creative direction, optimized production and effective game launch planning.

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