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'Road-Lite' Nightvision: Drive Forever Speeding to VR in Early 2021

​​​​​​​An emotionally charged story, procedural roads and 17+ bonus modes, for all major headsets

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Hoodust Enterprises is taking a drive into the virtual realm with Nightvision: Drive Forever on Steam. Originally released in October, the game offered nearly endless challenging roads to drive on, as well as a Story Mode and over seventeen unlockable bonus modes. Compared to where the game is headed now, that’s just doing donuts in the parking lot.

Currently in development, the VR mode for
Nightvision: Drive Forever will be a free update for all current and future players, offering all the existing modes in truly immersive style. Players will have to maintain nerves of steel as their cars hurtle through unpredictable and deadly procedurally generated mountain roads, weaving between unruly traffic. Buckle up tight, as crashing and burning in immersive first-person can be intense.

Nightvision: Drive Forever is a one-of-a-kind arcade driving experience. Realistic handling blended with frenetic time trial challenges across a nearly endless range of procedurally generated roads. Slow down for too long and the race is over - Nightvision: Drive forever pushes players to take deadly risks, and its Story Mode examines why someone would put their life on the line so recklessly. Soon, daring players will be able to experience this from the virtual driver’s seat too.

A list of features include:
  • Realistic seat-of-your-pants racing featuring the challenge of limited visibility.

  • Procedurally generated desert highways, designed by RoadGen™ artificial intelligence.

  • No map, no memorization. Just your own driving skills versus endless unpredictable roads.

  • Zone out long into the night in Endless Mode - no pressure, just boundless trails.

  • Intense and varied weather patterns, including fierce storms and driving rain.

  • Activate one of 17+ bonus modes to bring a wilder, weirder vibe to your next trip.

  • An extensive Story Mode; discover what drives someone to such a perilous journey.

  • Share and compete with others on your favourite roads with track generation codes.

  • Full steering wheel and gamepad controller support in both regular & VR modes.

  • Support for most common HMD models via SteamVR. No Touch controllers required.
Nightvision: Drive Forever is available on Steam now for $17.99/€14.99/£13.99. Closed testing for the VR mode begins soon. Review keys are available for the game now.

About Hoodust Enterprises

Hoodust Enterprises is a solo-developer studio that creates unique gaming experiences that feel somehow familiar. Manifesting his lifelong passion to design games, Mike Novak released Hoodust Enterprises’ debut title, Nightvision: Drive Forever, in October 2020.


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