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Riftbound - Summoner’s Path Roguelite Expansion Releases Today on PC.

Roguelite strategy reimagined… Riftbound's: Summoner's Path expansion is now available to commemorate the game's 1-year anniversary!

MELBOURNE - May 9, 2023 - Riftbound: Summoner’s Path, brings a new twist to the original action-packed game, offering two new gameplay modes: roguelite adventure and endless survival. Players can continue the fight with their favorite elementals, featuring new spells, upgrades, enemies, and encounters. This massive update offers fast-paced strategy for new gamers and more action-packed gameplay for current fans.
The expansion is now included as part of the base game, which is available for 25% off for a limited time. A new YouTube trailer is out and showcases the new game experience.

Mastering the elements of fire, air, water, earth and aether, players can build their arsenal of spells, evolutions and upgrades as they battle through advanced and new deadly enemies. Discover strategy changing encounters, find rare spells, mix and match battle changing upgrades, and even shop at the magic store, to create the ultimate fighting force to defeat the undead.
Riftbound: Summoner’s Path offers endless replayability, adjustable difficulty, and a progression system allowing players to earn gems and unlock perks to help them progress further. With added mutators that challenge players with battles that favor the enemy, this update promises to keep players engaged for hours.
Plus, with the added elemental customization feature, players can accessorize and personalize their elemental army with hats, mustaches, ears, and beards, and see their creations in action during battle.

  • Two new game modes: introducing action packed roguelite gameplay and endless survival battles
  • New Spells & Upgrades: with over 120 spells and upgrades, along with rare versions, test out different combinations of attacks to defeat the horde.
  • New and upgraded enemies: take on elite and champion enemies, with 4 new enemies, providing challenging and strategic battles
  • New heroic system: counter enemy elites with your own heroes, feature a unique series of stackable upgrades to turn your units into heroes during battle.
  • Perks system: defeat doesn’t mean starting all over again. Fight more battles to unlock perks that help you survive for longer
  • Godlike difficulty modes: from Merciful to Merciless… seven difficulty levels in the roguelite game mode can make things a little easier… or much, much harder.
  • Endless replayability: No two runs are ever the same. Pick different starting elements; unlock new encounters and perks; follow certain paths, choose certain spells and upgrades, and fight against ever-changing enemies.
  • Added Mutators: challenge yourself with battles that favor the enemy with mechanic altering mutators.
  • Free cosmetic system: accessorize your own elementals and see them stand out on the field (no microtransactions!).

Creative Director on Riftbound, James Thomas, reflects on the journey from initial release to the new expansion. “We have always been determined to support the game post-release and continue to steer the game in the direction that provides the most fun for players – this expansion was a lot of work, but, turning the game into a roguelite as the primary game mode has turned out really well, and offers a great level of value and replayability for players.”
Riftbound: Summoner's Path is now available on Steam for Windows PC for USD $19.99, with a 25% discount for one week.  It supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (Europe), Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.
Learn more about the game at the official website or join our Discord for the latest updates!
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About Barrel Smash Studios
Based out of Melbourne, Barrel Smash is a two-person studio founded by James and Louisa Thomas. Besides their shared love for smashing barrels in games, the couple focuses on creating accessible and inclusive gaming experiences for everyone to enjoy. Riftbound is their first title.