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Reshape History and Build the World Anew in City Builder Grand Strategy Hybrid Kaiserpunk

Developers of Patron and Aquatico reveal their newest title that blends building, strategy, logistics, causality, and production

What if moments in history as we know them didn’t happen, and you could shape it anew? This is the question that developers Overseer Games are presenting to players in their newest title Kaiserpunk. Set during the tumultuous time of World War I and World War II, Kaiserpunk will present players with layers of strategic gameplay where striking a balance (or not) between using economic power to subdue rivals or sheer military might will set the stage for their cities, regions, and possibly the world.

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In Kaiserpunk, players will plan and manage everything for their cities, from layout to citizen morale to organizing supply chains and everything in between. Featuring four different citizen classes, each with their own unique traits and specialties, players will need to weave the intricacies of building, resource management, production chaining, and more into the daily lives of their population to keep up morale and poise themselves for economic and territorial expansion.


Not only will players have to strategize the layouts of their cities, but they’ll also have to keep a keen eye on the worldview. With over 100 regions, players in Kaiserpunk will need to manage their relations with others utilizing diplomacy and trade or, if they so choose, brute force. Players will need to utilize their strategic wit when choosing their commanders as well as dealing with the terrain characteristics of each region. 


Each choice players make will shape the game’s in-depth cause-and-effect system. With hundreds of branching stories and reactive storytelling and gameplay, players will have a fresh experience with every playthrough. As players progress, the game’s evolving chain of events will unfold, directly reflecting the choices they make from the city to the world level.


Players can start to plan how they would shape the world in the alternate 20th-century history of Kaiserpunk by wishlisting the game on Steam now.


  • Engaging City-building and Grand Strategy Gameplay: Build and manage your city while expanding your influence across a dynamic and ever-changing global map.
  • Production and Logistics Management: Keep your supply chains running smoothly and make sure your city has the resources it needs to succeed.
  • Conquest and Combat: Assemble your armies and take on rival factions in epic battles on land, sea, and air.
  • Economic Power: Alternatively, use your economic power to subdue your rivals and emerge as the ultimate victor.
  • Dynamic World: Each region comes with its own bonuses and penalties, so choose your strategies carefully.
  • Thematic Setting: Set in an alternate history in the era of WWI and WWII, advance your own technology from simple zeppelins to mighty bombers.