Press release

Rebel! Launches on Steam!

June 5th, 2024 – Four Pixels Games are pleased to announce that Rebel! Is now available on Steam. Rebel! is a twin stick shooter where you take the role of a guerrilla fighter resisting an authoritarian regime using any weapons you can muster. Recruit fellow rebels, fight the government, and free your country. You can buy the game here and will be running a weeklong discount to celebrate the launch.

Imagine yourself living under your favorite oppressive regime. Rebel! Fight waves of SWAT teams. Loot their weapons and money. Buy upgrades. Enlist allies. Face off with the corrupt government bosses. A casual top down twin stick stick shooter with short, intense gameplay and a clever AI.

Key Features:

  • Resist Authority: A merciless regime has come to power and abuses the citizenry relentlessly. Enough is enough, fight this oppressive government and show them you mean business!
  • Faces of the revolution: Every game starts with a random citizen to kick off your rebellion, your allies come from all walks of life as you work together to topple the government.
  • Tools of Destruction: Fight back with your fists, bricks, and bats or loot the weapons off the government goons you whack. Get everything from pistols, shotguns, and machine guns to sniper rifles and high explosives. Don''t forget to spend the cash you acquire on upgrades to unlock allies, grow stronger, and survive longer.

For more information about Rebel!, visit the game on Steam and connect with Four Pixels on Twitter.