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Ready or Not is Now Available on Steam

1.0 Update is Available Now with Advanced SWAT AI, Commander Mode, New Missions, Modding and More

Ready or Not, the realistic first-person SWAT shooter and debut title from VOID Interactive, launched its 1.0 update on Steam today. This 1.0 release follows with a massive content update including new levels, overhauled SWAT AI, Commander mode, and new weapons and other customization unlocks.

Check out Ready or Not official Launch trailer, revealed exclusively at The Game Awards, here: 

Ready or Not Launch Trailer

We’re very excited to see the reception of Ready or Not’s 1.0 launch,” said Stirling Rank, COO and Lead Developer at VOID Interactive. “This update is the culmination of years of work and bringing home significant leaps in NPC AI to fully immerse players in the Ready or Not experience. We’re looking forward to hearing their direct feedback as we move into post launch live-ops support.”  

At launch, Ready or Not features: 

  • Enhanced SWAT AI for an immersive and highly responsive NPC tactical team for better real-time mission management  
  • Commander Mode: A full, immersive single-player mode offering an insight into the high-stakes reality of SWAT officers. 
  • 18 single-player or online cooperative missions with up to five players, from hostage situations to bomb threats and more. 
  • Dozens of options to customize a player’s entire SWAT team including armor, weapons, apparel, and more. 
  • Full mod support for players looking to explore beyond the missions of Ready or Not

SWAT Team Quality Enhancements 

In the endeavor for creating a true sense of realism – the overhaul of the SWAT AI team is a major step towards a more advanced and intuitive team. SWAT teams come with many advanced capabilities and improvements from formations, how they stack up and breach doors, clearing and securing rooms, and other callouts. Additionally, by completing a set number of missions with the same NPC officers in Commander mode, players are able to unlock officer traits. Officer traits are inherent to each NPC officer and provide vital perks to everyone on the team once unlocked.

For more details on Ready or Not’s SWAT AI, check out the Devlog on YouTube here:

Ready or Not’s Advanced SWAT AI Devlog

Commander Mode as the Single-Player Experience 

In Ready or Not’s Commander mode, players take control of the newly appointed commander to the Los Sueños Police Department – David “Judge” Beaumont. In this role, players will be able to compose their team from a large roster of NPC officers, give tactical orders, and meticulously plan each mission. Commanding a team also means checking on your NPC teammate’s mental and physical health between missions. Officers with unaddressed and deteriorating mental health may be unable to properly perform their duties or even feel compelled to quit the force. Incapacitated officers may be temporarily unavailable for missions, or those that succumb to death becoming permanently unavailable.

New missions and overhaul of prior missions

Whether this is the first time playing Ready or Not or not, the number of available missions has increased, and most of the prior available missions have been completely overhauled. Resolving a hostage situation with a streamer in his apartment complex, busting a methamphetamine syndicate in an affordable housing project, or handling a scene involving an active shooter on a college campus are just a few of the missions within Los Sueños requiring intervention.

Additionally, the 1.0 update completely overhauls new-player onboarding. Upon starting a fresh game in Ready or Not, this tutorial walks players through weapon controls, team command controls, and other options for effectively breaching and clearing a room.

Equipment and customization 

Players are led further into a realistic and immersive SWAT experience through the weapons and equipment provided for each exceptionally dangerous mission. At launch, this includes 10 new weapon acquisitions. However, customization isn’t limited to the equipment – through close-knit comradery and performing remarkable actions alongside the team, players unlock additional clothes and watches to wear, as well as the tattoos that adorn their player character and NPC characters.

MOD Support 

For the adventurous gamers out there who want to explore the world past what Los Sueños has to offer – Modding ( is supported by Ready or Not. All the SWAT AI features will work on user created maps – generating all required data the first time playing through a custom map.

Looking to join the Ready or Not creator community? VOID Interactive supports its community via the Creator Program (Lurkit). Join the community by visiting

Ready or Not is available on Steam for $49.99/€49.99/£44.99.

Ready or Not puts players into high-risk and realistic scenarios involving SWAT teams. Defuse situations involving hostages, active bomb threats, barricaded suspects, and more. This game is rated PEGI18 with an ESRB rating of “M” for Mature. For more information subscribe on YouTube, follow on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, join our Discord, follow on TikTok, and visit