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Rayless Blade

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Rayless Blade is an open world, pixel art RPG with JRPG style turn combat AND UNDERTALE style combat. While roaming the massive hi-bit pixel art world inspired by Hyper Light Drifter, you’ll make friends, enemies, have to solve puzzles, and defeat difficult enemies in order to progress.
But you won’t have to do it alone; you’ll encounter many individuals that can be recruited to your team to help you fight and explore. You’ll be able to recruit up to 3 members and each individual will belong to a certain class type, such as, Dark Knight, Magic Knight, Strider, Engineer, Dragon Slayer, and Rebounder, so assembling your team is strategic in nature. As you progress, you will discover hidden and randomized loot by solving puzzles, searching obscured areas, and defeating enemies. Every team member can be customized. Use the loot you’ve earned to upgrade your team in terms of their gear.

Customize your own character as well. Swap armor pieces, use your favorite weapons, and earn experience to spec points into your skill tree to use special abilities. 

The game also has a story to follow. You are trapped on a remote island controlled by a vindictive tyrant who in turn is a puppet to a greater power. You’ll meet lovable, charming characters along the way, many of which will oppose you initially or turn against you as a result of your actions. 

The premise of the game’s plot is a spin off of the quantum mechanics theorem, Superdeterminism and is meant to question the existence and meaning of God / the meaning of life. Where free will does not exist for the inhabitants of the island, it is up to you and your team to try their best to liberate the people and defeat the malicious creature that rules them.


Kong Studio​
Based in California

Target platforms:
Steam (PC)
Nintendo Switch 

​Kickstarter date:
July 1 - July 31

Release date:


Regular Price: 

  • Explore a hi-bit pixel art world with hidden paths and secrets

  • Interact and group up with a diverse population of personality-filled characters

  • Thoroughly customize your character and your team members

  • Discover/collect rare loot from random enemy drops and hidden chests

  • Engage in a combination of JRPG turn based and Undertale real-time style combat

  • Solve difficult puzzles using your wits and special gear you acquire along the way

  • Enjoy a story that will make you question your own existence and purpose

Kong Studio

About Us

Kong Studio LLC is a super small indie dev team made up of a bunch of random international kids from places like California, Netherlands, Romania, and Sweden! We're a team of noob game devs; Rayless Blade is our first project! Kong Studio LLC was officially created in 2021, but we've all known eachother as friends for quite some time. In our personal lives, we're very humble people. Just some college students, some full time, some part time, working retail, medicine, security, and design. We're your average Joes and Janes with one main common interest, video games! More specifically, making video games!