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Proudly presenting Dissidence expansion.

The first major beta update for Starborne .

REYKJAVIK, Iceland – 1st October 2020 – Six months after its open-beta launch, Solid Clouds, an independent Icelandic game development studio, are proud to announce a massive content update coming to Starborne: Sovereign Space. The Dissidence Expansion builds on the strong foundation of our open Beta. Players enter the fight for Tau Scorpii by pledging their allegiance to one of three overarching factions of humanity.
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The numbers and stats speak for themselves: 
  • 27 servers launched, including a community-led tournament and a draft-pick server.
  • With more than 200,000 players contributing to the Beta, so far.
  • Over 3,100 winners; taking away 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes of finished servers.

The Dissidence Update brings with it a wealth of new mechanics, improved UI panels and an entirely new handcrafted map. With just one path to victory, every player has a clear goal, and the lines are drawn in the sand as to who is friend or foe through means of sector-based warfare.

  • 45 New Map Effects
  • Multiple New Ranking Categories
  • Revamped Alliance Panels
  • One Path to Victory 
  • Sector Warfare
  • Alliance Crests
  • Massive Lore Update
  • New Gamemode

Commenting on the player reaction and feedback to the Open Beta, Stefan Gunnarsson,  CEO and Lead Designer on Starborne said, “Dissidence is shaping up to be our strongest release to date, taking the map and our technology to the next level.  Our players are affectionately calling this Beta 2.0 and are excited about the scope of the changes coming. ”

From the team at Solid Clouds, a massive thank-you to everyone that has joined and immersed themselves in the Open Beta thus far. We look forward to seeing you on the newest of frontiers which Dissidence is bringing on October 1st.

About Starborne
Starborne is a massively multiplayer real-time sci-fi strategy game where you build your empire alongside thousands of other players and wage war for control of the galaxy. Each individual game is played over an 8 week period across a unique seamless map. Players must strategize and forge alliances to put themselves in the strongest possible position for the intensely competitive endgame that will decide the fate of the sector. 
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About Solid Clouds
Founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 2013 by Stefán Gunnarsson, Stefán Björnsson and Sigurdur Arnljotsson, the original CEO and co-founder of developer CCP Games, Solid Clouds was formed with one goal in mind: take the best elements of 4X Grand Strategy and combine them with the scale of an MMO to create something brand-new and unique – Starborne.
Currently, the Solid Clouds team is twenty strong. Starborne will be the first of many games that the company will release and Dissidence is the first of three content heavy releases scheduled for the next 12 months. 
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For additional information on Starborne and Solid Clouds, please contact:
Cecil Treadwell
Community Manager, Solid Clouds