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Project Downfall has just left Early Access with a huge update.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –  December 2nd , Magdalenka, Poland.

Project Downfall 1.0. Premiere Trailer

After nearly 4 years of intense development, Project Downfall has left Early Access and gone 1.0.  And with it the largest update to date. Full notes can be found here.

The update includes (not limited to):

-New casual difficulty
-Full Polish, Russian and Spanish translations
-Updated destruction and physics
-Jukebox in the players apartment with unlockable tracks
-huge update to the Azur Plaza hub with new unlockables, random encounters, purchases etc
-Major optimisation for multiple levels and the game in general
-And much, much more...


A unique shooter-adventure hybrid with impactful choices, fitting and fine tuned audio-visual composition and a plethora of varied and unexpected content.
The free demo on Steam contains the slow burn intro with all possible alternate events and routes, secrets , hidden minigame and more .
With multibranching nonlinear day by day progression, 80s inspired cyberpunk lore, impactful choices,  gritty and ultra violent in your face combat, adrenaline pumping dedicated Dynamic Original Soundtrack, a sanity system, witness system, 12 endings- some of which go in some wildly different directions...these are just some of the unique features to be found in Crimson Tide, the sprawling megacity backdrop of Project Downfall.
Dodge incoming bullets for score multipliers and brave your style for better combos to be no.1 on the leaderboards, superkick your foes to smithereens, visit your shrink for your routine checkup, or maybe liberate  one of the local transit stations from the hands of terrorists so you can get back to work (and reap the benefits!)...the list goes on...
Remember: nothing is at it may initially seem in the world of Project Downfall...


  • Brutal and satisfying combat
  • The Superkick! Give your foes a free flying lesson or just smash em' with barrels, doors, tables and even cars
  • 12 endings
  • Adrenaline pumping Dynamic Original Soundtrack
  • Non linear progression and multiple alternate routes to achieve your goal
  • Environmental destruction: create alternative strategies by punching through walls
  • Sanity, witness and consequences systems which will affect how your playthrough progresses.
  • And much more...
All promo assets can be downloaded from the  Presskit: here
Preview copies are available: to inquire, please contact
Free Demo on Steam: Get it here!
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