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Pixel Federation gains international recognition as it expands past Slovak borders with Czech office opening

Slovakia’s biggest game developer announces its expansion into Brno, Czech Republic with a new office opening this Summer.


28 June 2021, Bratislava: Slovakian based game developer Pixel Federation is continuing to soar to impressive heights: following a year of record-beating revenues, new game releases, and global launches, Pixel Federation is now expanding past Slovak borders to open its first international office in neighbouring Brno, Czech Republic.


With a decent fan base already in the Czech Republic, some of whom have been playing Pixel’s oldest games from the very beginning, and Brno only a short 90 minute commute from Bratislava, the move across the border is a natural progression for a games studio growing faster and further beyond expectations. The Czech language, culture and distance will offer a fresh perspective for the company but sit close enough to Slovakian that it seemed an instinctive choice for its first international base. Expanding into another country to open an office entirely dedicated to serving individual projects is no mean feat but the team at Pixel Federation is determined to make its mark on Europe and beyond.


‘We have by no means outgrown our Bratislavan offices, but we recognised an opportunity in our company for an international office and decided to start with beautiful Brno,’ says Daniel Duranka, COO. ‘The proximity means current employees can commute there easily whilst we are also looking to hire new talented individuals from the region, and expand our team culturally as well as physically. We’re truly excited to see what a move into Brno will bring for Pixel Federation this year and welcome new faces into the family.’


The last decade has been incredibly successful for Pixel Federation, growing dramatically from a small studio in a leaky warehouse to boasting 230 employees and a cumulative annual turnover of more than €50 million last year, there is little doubt that it is a studio to watch. However, Pixel has always been determined not to let success derail its ideology and values, and the new offices in Brno will be no different. The long lasting values of transparency, serving a dedicated community and individual development and education will be rooted within the new team and management in the Czech offices. Seeking fresh talent in Brno combined with existing employees means that Pixel’s impressive goal is for the offices to play host to full scale projects, centralising games and development directly within Brno inside of the first year. Despite expanding at a remarkable rate, there is no motivation within the leadership team at Pixel Federation to turn into a huge but soulless corporation; in fact the focus will be on remaining grounded with the uniting gaming passion of delivering games from players to players, growing the Pixel Federation family. 


Following the recent decision to expand its CSR strategy from a host of education projects to also focus on the environment, as well as a shift towards a multi-person management team at the top tier, Pixel Federation is clearly demonstrating a strong dedication to empowering its community at all levels - from a collaborative leadership effort to its players and the world they live in. Pixel Federation is leading the charge for an era of game development that is rooted in community and a grounded passion, and now these values are expanding past Slovak borders into Brno, driving change in the gaming community and beyond.



For more information, contact: Dimoso on behalf of Pixel Federation

Jessie Galman, Senior Account Executive,


About Pixel Federation


Pixel Federation has been rooted in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava since 2007. A unique company, publishing and developing games under one roof, Pixel Federation’s greatest success lies in creating interactive community-based games that are designed to last the test of time. 


Pixel Federation’s games are developed by players for players, with a strong focus around players’ passions: passion for heroism, architecture, transport and collecting.  A strong 2-way dialogue between the game developers and communities gives fans the opportunity to invest in the growth and updates of the games, which helps to build a strong social community. 


Pixel Federation invests heavily into supporting the games industry, and places just as much importance into the company’s team and culture as they do to its players. Every individual in the game creation process, from programming, designing, drawing, analysing, testing and communicating with players, are all equally important to the overall success and growth of the company.