Press release

Pipe Dream Co. floods onto the Oculus Quest Store via App Lab!

If you like puzzles and feel a bit nostalgic about those classic water pipe puzzle games, this is the title for you. Pipe Dream Co. takes the genre into VR with a strange narrative around employment, all kinds of crazy pipes and some fun mechanics.

Well, here’s the introduction:


Job Description

Pipe Dream Co. is looking for an unpaid intern to join their prestigious ranks. The position is draining and is suitable for someone who is not only strong minded but also looking for a new flow in their career. If you want to be flushed with success and like going down under, this will open a lot of doors.


  • Degree in Pipology
  • Experience working underwater
  • Enjoys the presence of fish
  • Doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. Literally.
  • The sound of running water doesn't make you want to go to the bathroom
  • No vacation. So no need to spend any time with your parents in law, no getting burnt on the beach, and no breaking your back skiing.
  • No pay. Enjoy the wonders of a stress free life, free of money, free of tangible things. Be one with the water, and let everything else go.
  • A wonderful hand written contract. Quite rare! We only hand these out when we offer contracts.

By reading this sentence we accept your signature and employment. Welcome! We'll be collecting you very soon.

You've arrived in the sky with a hero's calling. There are too many leaks in this world, and they need to be fixed.

With no princess in sight, but the world counting on you, you can only do one thing: sign a contract with Pipe Dream Co.

Every time you left the tap running while brushing your teeth, dropped a wedding ring down the drain or had that extra-long shower, who's there to make sure your water keeps on flowing? Exactly. In order to help you'll need to use your two hands to move pipes around in various challenging puzzles.

There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle, so see how much water you save and how many moves you can finish them in.
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