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Phantom Line - Game Reveal Information

Game Summary:

Join the paranormal SWAT.

PHANTOM LINE is a co-op (1-4) shooter set in the post-nuclear European continent. Your mission is to search and contain anomalies - paranormal activity hidden from the public eye, in an open world map full of dynamic events.

THE OPERATOR - You are in an elite spec-op unit, working for Mortfield Industries, a megacorp that gave you a second chance. You‘ve been selected for the Operator Simulation Program called H.U.S.K., where you can transfer your consciousness between artificial bodies. Use H.U.S.K.s in your tactics: scout, distract, decoy, or utilize many other strategies and commands to gain an advantage over anything in the way.

ANOMALIES - Hidden from the public, our world is full of paranormal creatures and phenomena dubbed “anomalies.” Leaking into our world through rifts in the space-time fabric, these threats to humanity grow each day. Containing these extremely dangerous events requires the most elite Operators.

BASE UPGRADES - The Icebreaker ship, with a nuclear engine, will be your base of operations. Customize your H.U.S.K. and cabin, showcase your weapons and armors to your friends, modify your gear and body. Get briefed on a main deck for your next anomaly hunt. 

WORLD - Nuclear war has just broken out, and you are sent to the disputed Iron Corridor - an Eastern European region torn by international tensions. Operators need to be self-sufficient should they become cut off. Improvise as necessary: use any resources available, gear up, and adjust your tactics to the situation on the ground. Hunt and cook the wild animals to maintain optimal health. 

Humanity is at war - to fight the anomalous horror you must turn into one yourself. Wield the H.U.S.K.s for the cause. Gather and upgrade your body with Quintessence, a substance you get after containing anomalies. Become the ultimate anomaly hunter. Go die again.

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In-Lore Report





Subject: Project HORNET unveiled as PHANTOM LINE.

Revealed by: ██████████, ██████████

Antistatic Studios, developers of the highly anticipated project codenamed HORNET, have just revealed the title of their game:


The project is a co-op shooter (1 - 4 players), where players take the role of an elite Operator working for Mortfield Industries, responsible for the search and containment of anomalies.

It is known their players will be joining the Operator Simulation Program, called H.U.S.K. - Mortfield’s cutting-edge technology that enables a transfer of consciousness between artificial bodies. That tech allows players to take full advantage of HUSKs, and utilize these bodies to decoy, scout, distract, ██████████, ██████████ or ██████████ inside restricted zones in the Iron Corridor.

Our on-ground sources, or what is left of them, report that deadly anomalies roam free, causing extreme chaos and casualties among civilians and military. What was once an orderly place is now a living hell. 

Operators will have to search and contain those anomalies in a highly dangerous environment. 

According to the current schedule, the Operators are to be deployed to Iron Corridor, regardless of how heavily the area is affected by the first wave of nuclear warheads. Mortfield’s KPI’s stay clear - ██████████████.

NOTE: The ████████████████ teams are still analyzing what caused the nuclear event. There are several theories - a glitch, a human error, malevolence, attack from the enemy, or friendly fire. Could the anomalies have caused it? I am expected to be fully briefed on ██████████.


a: ANTISTATIC STUDIOS is planning to continue tests of early versions of PHANTOM LINE. We need as many agents signing up as possible:


b: PHANTOM LINE created a public STEAM PAGE. Add it to your wishlist to stay updated:


c: GAME TRAILER has been released on an open channel on YOUTUBE:


d: Our investigation reveals that ANTISTATIC STUDIOS plans to deliver PHANTOM LINE on:

i. PC - █████

ii. Consoles - █████


To learn more, start following their channels and continue the investigation. Viewer discretion is advised.






Approved by the Head of the Search Department

D F Cooper