Press release

Perseverance: Part 2


Polish studio Titanite Games has announced Perseverance: Part 2, the long-awaited second episode to the mystery-horror visual novel Perseverance: Part 1. The game’s trailer is available on Steam and the full PC version will be released in Q1 2021. The game is also planned to hit Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in the upcoming months.
Perseverance: Part 2 is the second episode of an atmospheric mystery-drama visual novel. Inspired by Scandinavian crime movies like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and series such as The Walking Dead and Revival, it allows the player to make choices that affect the characters' stories.
This time you play as Karen, a female assassin working for the ‘Agency’ on a hunt for a mysterious girl in the distant town of Grey Ville. Once Karen dives deeper and deeper into the community, she learns about things she shouldn't know.
"Perseverance: Part 2 is a game full of mystery and brutal twists for thriller fans to enjoy."
A simple task of ‘locate and retrieve" turns into her personal nightmare. Will Karen defeat her inner demons and survive the coming disaster?
Her main motivation will be to search for Jane, an ordinary girl who for some reason is very valuable to the Agency. For reasons unknown, the locals are not very helpful.
Why does the town’s sheriff sabotage the agent's actions? What secret is beautiful Ellen hiding? What nightmare hides behind the guarded fence of a local military base?
Add Perseverance: Part 2 to your wishlist and solve the mystery.

TITANITE GAMES is a polish game developer, formerly known as Tap It Games. The studio’s lead - Daniel Miszkiel - was responsible for creating the ‘9 Clues’, mystery game series played by more than 300 thousand players worldwide. Now, as Titanite Games, the team focuses on forging gripping titles for hardcore gamers.
General inquiries:
Game title - Perseverance: Part 2
Developer/Publisher - Titanite Games
Genre - Visual Novel
Game structure - Episodic game
Platforms - PC
Technology - Unity & Fungus
Release date - Q1 2021 (Perseverance: Part 2)