Press release

Party Moose Games has released twin-stick bullet heaven Running Riot into Early Access for $2.99.

Solo developer Party Moose Games has released the twin-stick bullet heaven Running Riot into Early Access on PC. Running Riot combines the rampant destruction of busted build games with demanding twin-stick mechanics to deliver a game that encourages and rewards precision and creativity.

Over the course of a run, players must blast their way through challenge rooms filled with hordes of cyber enemies, with the goal of defeating the boss at the end. But players have only one life to make it through, so they're given a plethora of upgrade options to grow their power as they defeat enemies. In addition to the traditional survival challenges found in other bullet heaven games, Running Riot introduces special challenge rooms with sub-objectives to complete, such as escorting a payload through a dangerous level.

As an Early Access title, Running Riot has a lot of development in the works. The developer maintains an active Discord where new updates are discussed and designed in collaboration with the community.

Party Moose Games is an indie game studio based in Boston. For more information, contact