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PUPPYGAMES launches Kickstarter to release BATTLEDROID

31st May 2024 22:00 GMT+01

UK-based micro-studio Puppygames has launched a Kickstarter to get their latest game BATTLEDROID released to the general public. Puppygames has been developing BATTLEDROID for 14 years, and seeks funding to ensure a successful launch to get it over the line.

BATTLEDROID is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer asynchronous online PvP auto-battler, where players fight for dominion over a model of the actual Earth, comprising 250,000 unique territories. Players must both defend their territory with bases bristling with defensive weaponry, and attack other players' territories with huge armies of robots, armed to the teeth with machine guns, blasters, rockets, lasers, howitzers, and more. The game is all about planning and strategy - once launched, your attack is entirely autonomous, and you can sit back and watch the cinematic orgy of destruction on the edge of your seat waiting to see the outcome. The Kickstarter will run until 28th June 2024.

"BATTLEDROID is a deep and complex game, which is why it's taken us so long to make it," says Caspian Prince, director of Puppygames. "We're really close to unveiling it to the masses, but we just need a bit of funding for polish and testing before we can let the whole world get blown up."

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Notes to Editors

Puppygames was founded in 2002 by Caspian Prince (biz, programming, design, and production), and Chaz Willets (art, web, and video). Lately we are joined by Daniel Isheden, our graphics programming whiz. We are a distributed team, working in our spare time on games. Our past projects include Revenge of the Titans, Basingstoke, Ultratron, Titan Attacks!, and Droid Assault.

We unusually write our games in Java, despite it apparently being impossible. Caspian was behind the original Lightweight Java Game Library, the graphics library for Java that enables Minecraft. BATTLEDROID has a completely bespoke, written-from-scratch state-of-the-art rendering engine designed specifically for the job. All video in promotional material is directly recorded in-game footage.

The game will be available through Steam for Windows and Linux platforms.

Please feel free to use any and all assets found on our website under the /assets directory.
Contact Details for Puppygames
Caspian Prince (Director)
+44 7894 876003 (email first)