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Our Cupid's Chaos Update is Now Live!

Unleash your wild spirit with Cupid's Chaos!

This is the second update for those who were betrayed or found our winter world too tough. Here's what's coming to make things better in the afterlife:

Wild Spirit
As a ghost, players can take revenge on their killer by transforming into the wild spirit of a bear!

  • Wild Spirit ghost ability lasts for a short time
  • Wild Spirit has less health and damage than a normal bear
  • Wild Spirit costs 75 Ghost Power

The Ally
We also added a new role called “Ally” that grants health regeneration to that player if their ally is nearby.
  • At the start of a match, the Ally receives the name of another player in the match, their Allied Player.
  • That Allied Player is guaranteed to have started the match on the survivor team.
  • When the Ally is in their Allied Player’s radius, they slowly regain health.
Be careful who you trust! Traitors can claim to be an Ally and try to exonerate their traitor partner by claiming that their traitor partner is their Allied Player (and as a result, is innocent). Traitors can also claim that a player they know to be a Survivor is their Allied Player so they can earn that player’s trust.

Balancing for Tranquilizer Gun
Tranquilizer gun has been buffed:
  • The tranquilized effect now slows a player 10% more
  • The tranquilized effect now reduced a player’s damage by 25%
  • The Tranquilized effect now alters a player’s movement direction
  • The tranquilizer gun now takes slightly longer to aim

Valentine's Day
We have added a Valentine’s Day event consisting of challenges and new store cosmetics coming to the store on February 13!

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