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Oona, The Druid´s Path Won the First Weekly Vote of the Year at the Game Development World Championship!

For immediate release on March 29th.

Oona, The Druid´s Path by Astro Pup Games, a game studio from Spain, has won the weekly voting on Game Development World Championship Fan Favourite category for the First Weekly Vote Week for This Year. Oona, The Druid´s Path is available on Steam.

"Join the young druid Oona in an adventure to complete her first task to becoming a full druid. Travel through thick forests and swamps, face the creatures inhabiting them, reach the Cloud Kingdom and fight against the evil Meiga in this beautiful 2.5D platformer game." Pup Games describes Oona, The Druid´s Path.

Pup Games moves on to the next round of voting in the Fan Favourite category of the GDWC - Game Development World Championship and will meet other Weekly Vote winners in a battle for the crown at the end of the GDWC 2021 season.

2nd place was taken by RoboPhobik by Haruneko Entertainment from Italy: "RoboPhobik is a 70s sci-fi inspired, top-down arcade shooter that has a unique twist: enemies won't move or attack you while you're standing still. Use your tactical skills to avoid being surrounded by the robots as you unfold a rich story full of love, hate, and machines!"

3rd Place went to Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes by Loongcheer Game from China. "Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes is a roguelike card game. The story begins from the dream and you will be the warrior to challenge enemies in your fantasy dream."

The GDWC team sends congratulations to the winning team and big thanks to all Nominees and voters. The weekly votes take place each week, from Monday to Monday and there are always nine new exciting games to check out and vote for. This week's vote is already live on the event website at

This week's nominees are: 
- Kittens' Maze by Aasura Project (Poland)
- Star Squadron: Student Driver by Mark Arenz (USA)
- Frame Of Mind by [Sample Text] Studios Ltd (New Zealand)
- Tortured Hearts - Or How I Saved The Universe. Again. by Teleport Games Bt (Hungary)
- Guilty Parade by Nozori Games (Russia)
- Detective From The Crypt by BOV (Russia)
- Shooterball by PlanetStudio (Mexico)
- Beyond Mankind: The Awakening by Brytenwalda Studios (Spain)
- Midnight Cartridge by Kultisti & Sulo (Finland)

By voting in the Weekly Vote you can participate in a prize draw organized by The GDWC.

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