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OUT NOW: iam8bit, Skybound Games, and Coin Crew Games Release Escape Academy: Tournament of Puzzles Free Update

LOS ANGELES – April 18, 2024 – The teams at iam8bit, Skybound Entertainment, and developer Coin Crew Games are excited to announce that the PvP-focused update Escape Academy: Tournament of Puzzles is now available today. 


The Tournament of Puzzles free update adds three new competitive game modes: 

  • Escape Race pits players against each other in a race -- first one to grab the trophy at the end of the track wins. 

  • Tic-Tac-Toe adds fun twists to a classic game. Solve puzzles to unlock X's and O's before trying to best your opponent with a three-in-a-row. 

  • Scavenger Hunt tasks players with finding trophies hidden in plain sight. The player to find the most wins.


Tournament of Puzzles also adds Escape Academy's biggest environments to date, each with new puzzles and paths through its chambers:

  • Tomb of the Fire Escapist: Deep in the heart of Egypt where Escape began, puzzle your way through the tomb's secret passages and make sure you don’t become a permanent resident! 

  • Hackannery: Abandoned fish cannery turned hacker enclave, this rain-soaked pier is overloaded with technological and aquatic-themed puzzle surprises.

  • The Showman’s Studio - Step right up and prepare to be puzzled! The biggest theater in all of Escape boasts a plethora of magical challenges to confront!


Finally, Puzzle Power-Ups give players a competitive edge over their foes, or in a fun twist, the chance to hinder enemy progress while playing competitive matches. Obscure your opponent's vision with the Horse Mask, or slow them down with Sticky Shoes.


Escape Academy: Tournament of Puzzles is available now on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Epic Games Store.


Escape Academy is an award-winning escape room-inspired puzzle game set in, you guessed it, the prestigious Escape Academy. The game features over a dozen rooms created by designers with experience working on real-life escape rooms that can be played in single-player or local and online co-op. Solve puzzles, interact with classmates and faculty, or learn to make the perfect cup of tea on your way to becoming the ultimate Escapist. Continue the adventure with Escape Academy's two DLC expansions, Escape from Anti-Escape Island and Escape from the Past, introducing new puzzles and narratives, respectively. Experience the entire package on Nintendo Switch with Escape Academy: The Complete Edition, released in 2023.


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About iam8bit


iam8bit is a creative production emporium that's been boldly redefining the entertainment industry since 2005. Its collaborative works have taken a variety of forms, including groundbreaking community events, immersive art experiences, and exclusive collectibles, all designed to bring surprise and delight to people's lives. iam8bit played a crucial role in the vinyl renaissance, minting its first record in 2010, and is the industry leader in premium physical editions of top-tier games. iam8bit evolved into financing and publishing games under its iam8bit Presents imprint, including the smash hit Escape Academy; NES mash note Garbage Pail Kids: Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum; and the upcoming chill vibes simulator Simpler Times. The company is based in Los Angeles and co-owned/co-creatively directed by Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White. Visit or follow @iam8bit on Instagram or Twitter.


About Coin Crew Games


Coin Crew Games is an indie games studio founded in 2018 with one goal in mind: bringing people together to play. With innovative concepts and research-driven design, Coin Crew Games is developing multiplayer experiences and games to be played both in and out of home. Based in Los Angeles, Coin Crew Games is best known for the arcade machine “Hot Wheels: King of the Road” found at every Dave & Buster’s and their debut puzzle-adventure game “Escape Academy.” To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.


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Skybound is the company for creators. We're known for using the Wheel of Awesome to make cool stuff, no matter the platform. We place creators and their projects at the center of the wheel and work with them to keep the integrity of their vision as it becomes a comic, game, TV series, film, audio series, or all of the above.  


Skybound builds global franchises. We’ve been the home of The Walking Dead and Invincible since 2010 and are leaders in creating universes that become pop culture phenomena from our library of over 150 properties, including the emerging tentpole Impact Winter.  


Skybound is a force in games. We publish, produce and distribute video games across every genre, including the blockbuster The Walking Dead series and the BAFTA award-winning Before Your Eyes. 


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