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NosTale's Act 9, Part 2: 'Heroes of the Undercity' Update Brings New Specialists, Epic Raids, and Thrilling Adventures Underground

Gameforge’s free-to-play anime action MMORPG continues the questline introduced with the previous Secrets of the Undercity update

Karlsruhe, Germany (June 12, 2024) - Today, Gameforge, a leading international publisher of popular MMORPGs, is excited to announce Act 9, Part 2: Heroes of the Undercity, a major new update to anime action MMORPG NosTale. In one of the biggest updates to the celebrated free-to-play title, players will delve deeper into the underground, uncovering further mysteries and embarking on an epic raid with intense combat.

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Heroes of the Undercity advances the gripping story introduced in NosTale’s Secrets of the Undercity update, released in December 2023. In that update, players embarked upon a grand storyline set in the new expansive underground world accessible from NosVille Meadows. Focusing on Undercity, the capital of the underworld inhabited by the frog-like Mullan race, players confronted new threats, explored the Invaded Western Mines, and faced challenging new raids, such as the "Moss Gigant, Pollutus Raid," to earn fantastic rewards.

Continuing the subterranean adventure, the Heroes of the Undercity content update expands into the lower reaches of the earth, featuring new powers that will empower heroes just in time to face off against new raid challenges. Tasked with uncovering the whereabouts of the elusive Techron, players will navigate hidden gates, secret laboratories, and enemy traps.

Along the way, players will face the formidable Gigant Arma and its smaller counterparts, culminating in a strategic battle against a robot factory. This fresh take on the boss battle requires serious strategic coordination to overcome its intense combat, with only the highest-level NosTale players likely to defeat it.

To prepare players for this battle of epic proportions, a host of new specialists are being added, with one for each NosTale character class. Including the Warrior Specialist “Stone Breaker,” capable of setting enemies alight or drilling right through them, and the sneaky sniping Archer Specialist “Fog Hunter,” there are multiple new ways for NosTale players to customize their playstyles.

Here’s an overview of the new content in NosTale’s Heroes of Undercity update:  

New Specialists for Each Class
  • Warrior Specialist: Stone Breaker
    • Fire-element specialist with a giant drill hammer.
  • Archer Specialist: Fog Hunter
    • Utilizes gas-powered sniper guns for stealth attacks.
  • Mage Specialist: Fire Storm
    • Wields a flamethrower with a magical cane.
  • Martial Artist Specialist: Thundered
    • Combines an electric gauntlet for close combat and an electric cannon for ranged attacks.
New Raid: Giant Arma Raid
  • Overview: A multi-phase, high-level raid requiring strategic coordination and intense combat.
  • Entry Requirements:
    • Complete the "Recovered Weapons" main quest.
    • Characters must be Awakening levels 80-90.
    • Raid size: 12 players.
  • Special Rules:
    • No mounts allowed.
    • HP and recovery potions have a five-second cooldown.
  • Raid Structure:
    • Five-zone map with specific tasks and mini-bosses.
    • Final encounter with the Completed Gigant Arma.
  • Boss Mechanics:
    • Unique phases and special challenges.
    • Electromagnetic Pulse Mechanic for disabling invincibility barriers.
  • Rewards:
    • Raid boxes and valuable field drops.
Fairy Option Selection Scroll (Premium Item)
  • Current System: Random effects from betting on fairies.
  • New System: Choose specific effects for fairies using the selection scroll.
  • Usage Limits: Up to four scrolls per fairy.
Reworked Martial Artist Secondary Weapon
  • New Specialist Usage: Thundered will use both close combat (electric gauntlet) and long-range (electric cannon) weapons.
  • Weapon Adjustments: All Martial Artist weapons will be adjusted accordingly.
Quality of Life Updates
  • Gold Cap Increase: Maximum gold a character can hold increased from 1K to 2K.
  • Act 9.1 Adjustments: Raid and drop adjustments for better balance.
  • Anti-Bot Measures: Improved detection and prevention.
Special Launch Events
  • Events: Weekly challenges and "first to reach max level" rewards
Prepare to dive into the depths of the Undercity with Heroes of the Undercity, and experience the exciting new adventures, strategic challenges, and enhanced gameplay that await you in NosTale!

Further information regarding winter events will be posted on the community page. In the next Twitch livestream, the NosTale team will introduce new updates, and viewers can look forward to exciting giveaways!

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