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NieR: Automata Arrangement Album Become as Gods Now Available

Arrangers ROZEN+REVEN follow up their most successful album to date, NieR: Glory to Mankind, with a brand new hybrid orchestral pop tribute

SEATTLE - AUGUST 27, 2021 - Materia Collective is pleased to present NieR: Become as Gods, the latest masterpiece from arrangers ROZEN+REVEN. Become as Gods is a follow-up to 2017's NieR: Glory to Mankind, the duo's most successful tribute to date, and tackles eleven pieces from the award-winning NieR: Automata soundtrack originally composed by the MoNACA sound team.

The duo's hybrid orchestral-pop sound blends heavy-hitting strings and brass, stark choir, textures of winds and synths, electric guitar, and a plethora of vocals from REVEN. The live orchestra sections were recorded by Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir in Sofia, Bulgaria, including a traditional Bulgarian Choir on several tracks. The result is an intense trip back through the world of the game, but whether this constitutes Ending B or perhaps Ending C, D, or E is up to interpretation.

NieR: Become as Gods is available now on all digital and streaming platforms along with pre-orders for CDs and vinyl that will begin shipping in 2022:
"Coming back to the NieR: Automata soundtrack with more experience and more tools at our disposal felt very much like coming back to complete another run of the game," notes REVEN. "We had a lot of ideas and knew how we wanted to approach a lot of the album, but there were plenty of unforeseen challenges--like a global pandemic--that we had to navigate this time around. That being said, we're really proud of this one and think it has some of our best work yet.”
The full NieR: Become as Gods track list as as follows:
  1. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. I
  2. Birth of a Wish
  3. City Ruins (Shade)
  4. Peaceful Sleep
  5. Forest Kingdom
  6. Bipolar Nightmare
  7. Memories of Dust
  8. Pascal
  9. Voice of NO Return
  10. The Sound of the End
  11. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. II
Check out NieR: Glory to Mankind:
NieR: Become as Gods - City Ruins (Shade) Music Video
ROZEN is a G.A.N.G. Award-winning arranger and composer who creates music for media. His arrangements, often orchestral and choral in scope, are praised for their immersion and emotional weight. ROZEN's orchestrations have been commissioned by the L'Orchestre de Jeux Video in Canada, the Angel City Chorale in Los Angeles, the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA, and the Folklore Guild in San Diego, CA.
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REVEN is a singer, songwriter, and composer known for her pure and versatile voice. She has a particular love of arranging music from videogames and films and has worked with artists such as ROZEN and Theophany as well as ensembles like the Angel City Chorale. REVEN's award-winning vocals and instrumentals have been featured in videogames - most recently including Final Fantasy XIV - commercials, short films, EPs, and fan-made collaborations.
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