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[New Trailer] Go on a Shopping Spree in Medieval Murder Mystery Game Eville

Typical Tuesday: toiled in the turnip fields all day, came home to a cozy Tudor cottage, took a well-deserved rest, woke up dead — #evillelife.
If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to take some of that hard-earned coin (what’s left that hasn’t been dutifully taxed by your Lord Mayor, of course) and check out some of the delightful wares sold by those crafty merchants in Eville, the medieval-themed social deduction game from the mad lads and ladies at VestGames! Today’s new trailer provides a look at some of the purchasable items available to players — on both sides of the law — including ingredients and herbs for brewing poisons, antidotes for said poisons, defensive measures to outfit your home like a fortress, and fireworks… to celebrate executions! There also may or may not be a black market merchant that sells all sorts of handy devices to make murdering villagers that much easier — but you didn’t hear that from us.

Check out the latest video below to learn about the different merchants and what kinds of goodies they offer!

In Eville, players take on the various roles within a sleepy medieval village plagued by night-time murders. On the one side, there are the upstanding, righteous, and totally innocent Citizens. On the other side, you have the not quite as totally innocent Conspirators. With each side having multiple classes, or roles, that offer different skills, abilities, and playstyles, players can enjoy a social deduction experience unlike any other. If that wasn’t enough, a crafting system, multiple merchants, and more items than you can shake a blood-stained axe at, Eville brings a much-needed level of depth and strategy to a classic formula.
Each Merchant in Eville offers a different set of items:

  • Holle the Magical Goods Merchant: This top-hatted traveling salesman has everything you need to stay safe at night, including tripwires for tangling up nighttime home invaders, a Tome of Death that allows players to check a dead body and see if they were a good guy or a bad guy, and fireworks — for celebrations.
  • Anna of the Travelling Tavern: This local lass helps keep players healthy and well-fed with a steady supply of medieval delicacies like apples and ham
  • Bloomer The Herb Vendor: No, not that kind of “herb vendor”, Bloomer has all the ingredients needed for crafting that, while they can be found around the village, are simply so much easier to just buy instead of doing all that work
  • The Herb Witch: Don’t die in a medieval DIY at-home elixer explosion. Go to the Herb Witch to safely craft antidotes, poisons, and protective potions!
  • Motzi the Smith: A master of metal, Motzi can create armored boots for safely traversing traps and locks and keys to ensure a peaceful night’s rest isn’t interrupted by axe-wielding marauders
  • Jasmine, the Black Market Operator: Not every shop in Eville is above board — or above ground at all, actually. For players that find themselves creeping around the mysterious tunnels underneath town, Jasmine offers all kinds of useful items for aspiring serial killers, like lockpicks, trap-proof boots, and smoke-bombs

Eville is a social deduction game in the vein of Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but taken to whole new heights with a level of depth not seen before in the genre. Built upon a solid foundation of deceit, slander, and manipulation, VestGames has added several additional layers that ramp up the strategy and tactical possibilities. Multiple character classes with different skills and specializations, handy items, crafting, and an innovative day-and-night cycle make Eville a stand-out title that is unique in the social-deduction category.
Eville will be available for PC via Steam in Early Access in 2021. 
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