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New Campaign and Map Coming to 'Cradle of Sins,' with a Brand New Game Mode on the Horizon

U24 Solutions, the team behind Cradle of Sins, is introducing the brand new Architects Campaign and game map, as well as giving a little tease on a new co-op-focused gamemode that will be coming to the game in the near future.

Cradle of Sins VR just launched a major update to their strategy-focused multiplayer experience still in beta mode. This update includes the Architects Campaign and a unique new competitive map, Oracle’s Peak. 

Architects Campaign:
The Architects Campaign introduces a custom set of challenges every week to give players objectives to smash through in order to win Void Coins and Void Points. These can be spent on awesome physical and in-game prizes. Every week there will be three different objectives with variable challenges and difficulty levels. We value and appreciate all of our Multiplayer beta game testers, and players are reminded they’ll need to be officially registered in Cradle of Sins’ Discord channel to verify that they’ve completed all the challenges in order to redeem their rewards. 

Check out the Architects Campaign Teaser here:

Press and Influencers can request Beta Access here:

More information about the specific rules of the events and how to claim prizes can be found here:

Most importantly, players will be able to redeem their Void Coins and Points for physical prizes such as a Nintendo Switch and an L33T Gaming chair, or in-game items such as a unique sword skin for Edward and a Hexoth Royal Academy Skin. 

Oracle’s Peak Map:

A brand new map has also made its way into Cradle of Sins. Oracle’s Peak is a new, jungle-theme environment that forces players into closer quarters. This will lead to some quicker-paced and more intense matches. 

You can get the rundown on Oracle’s Peak here:


Cradle of Sins is currently in Beta and headed to ‘Early Access’ on SteamVR soon. While there isn’t an exact date for the ‘Early Access’ release, the game’s development has come a very long way, and the date along with more details will be announced very soon. 

“Because of the complexity of VR multiplayer, the hardest part is to design the perfect PVP & PVE melee experiences and Cradle of Sins has come a long way with it’s “minion” AI design, getting better every update.” -Cradle of Sins Team

The developers are also teasing a more co-op, arcade-style, and feature rich gamemode to launch in the near future. More information on this will be coming at a later date.

About Cradle of Sins VR:
Cradle of Sins is a strategy focused first-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game developed exclusively for VR. Featuring a diverse and exciting world and real depth of gameplay, we’ve built an immersive competitive experience that’s different every time you play.

The game is played in matches between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate Altar on the map. Each of the players independently controls a powerful character. The game features 10 unique characters at release, each of which has their own unique weapons, abilities and upgrades. Different weapons ranging from swords, crossbows, shields, staffs and powerful crystals. Players have a passive income of gold and get rewards for killing enemies across the map. This gold can be used to buy weapons and upgrades to successfully battle the opposing team's character in player versus player combat. A team wins by being the first to destroy a large structure located in the opposing team's base.

Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Mixed Reality

U24 Solutions
U24 is a small team with big ambitions. Our focus is to polish the gameplay aspect by building a steady player base who can take part in the development process. In its current state, the game features 4 main characters and 28 weapons. Each character has their own unique abilities and upgrades.  Learn more

Cradle of Sins VR will be in Early Access for six months before full release. U24 is aiming to have the full version well-balanced with different playstyles and strategies. The gameplay and VR world will be more interactive with additional characters and weapons upon full release. Wishlist on Steam.

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