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Narrative Adventure Monorail Stories’ Books a Slightly Later Train to PC, Now Arriving September 30, 2022

Monorail Stories, the asynchronous multiplayer narrative experience from Stelex Software arrives at the station slightly later than expected, now approaching PC on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022.
Step aboard and experience a story of fate and unforeseen connections through the eyes of two commuters traveling opposite lines from completely different cities.
Each day blossoms a new chapter in Ahmal and Silvie’s interconnected lives, opening the sliding doors to multiple endings.
Embark on a non-linear journey of choice, making decisions to impact the duo’s evolving tales in real time. 
Set butterfly-affecting ripples in motion alone or with a friend in an asynchronous multiplayer mode.

Stay up to date with the latest information on Monorail Stories’ Kickstarter page, Freedom Games’ website, and developer Stelex Software’s official Twitter.
Monorail Stories is still planned for a release on the Nintendo Switch in Q4 2022.
About Stelex Software
Stelex Software is a Switzerland-based indie game studio founded in 2004 with a decisive focus on storytelling. The two-person, husband and wife duo prides themselves on offering original, often niche, products with a resounding aura of soul and passion. The team won the Swiss Game Awards in 2021, the most prestigious awards show in Switzerland.
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About Freedom Games
Freedom Games is a publisher dedicated to offering best-in-class services to partners and providing players around the world with unique and memorable experiences. With over 50 years of combined industry experience at the executive level, Freedom Games seeks to leverage its expertise to facilitate great games and even better publishing experiences.
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