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PlayStation and Xbox Players Who Enjoy Sister Woosa Can Now Wield Maegu’s Mystical Fox Charm Combat In New Season With New Rewards 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — March 29, 2023 — What’s better than introducing a new character class to Black Desert Console? Introducing a whole new season and rewards to go with it! Following Twin Class character Woosa’s arrival on PlayStation and Xbox systems last December, Pearl Abyss will charm Black Desert Console players with Maegu, the Fox-summoning “Do” wielder, when she arrives, for free, Wednesday, 5 April.

Maegu’s Fox Spirit Charm

Maegu flows in with an array of combat moves and abilities that would make any enemy turn and run. Skills such as the Tethered Souls enable her to throw her Fox Charm and disrupt opponent movements, gaining the opportunity to thrust her handy Binyeo Knife in their chest. Take a more stealthy and cunning approach by using the Foxspirit: Deceiver ability. With it, Maegu creates a doppelganger to freely switch in between in the midst of battle to confuse enemies. Whatever skill you choose to utilise in combat, Maegu has you covered for every strategy in your arsenal.

New Class, New Season, New Rewards
Black Desert Console’s new Seasonal Servers create a deliberately fair playing field, giving all players the chance to grow characters with equal access. But Seasonal Servers are only accessible during a ‘season’, so jump in and play now!
Seasonal Servers also offer a variety of benefits such as milestone-based rewards, 24-hour Hot-Time buffs, special seasonal challenges found in the Season Pass, and amazing rewards upon graduation.
New to this season are fishing benefits. Yes, fishing! Adventurers will have the chance to exchange season server-exclusive fish for seasonal growth items. Fishing on the Season Servers will not only get players great items, but also Combat EXP!
Maegu Arrives With Deep Sales
Console players also can take advantages of huge Spring Sales on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles with three different packages: 
  • Traveler Package: €5.99 (80% off retail price)
  • Explorer Package: €14.99 (70% off retail price)
  • Conqueror Package: €29.99 (70% off retail price)
The package discount period for PlayStation is between 29 March and 12 April. For Xbox, the package sales period is between 6 April and 20 April. Additionally, Black Desert Console will be free to play on Xbox systems from Thursday, 6 April through Sunday, 9 April.
Learn more details about Maegu’s deadly skill sets at the official Black Desert Console website.

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