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Uncover the secret behind a heirloom in this Lovecraftian adventure

Publisher 2P Games announces that two years after the release of his best-seller gamebook, 49 Keys, solo developer Michele Buonanno has turned it into his debut video game. 49 Keys is a narrative-driven, puzzle horror-esoteric adventure set in the 16th century, where players will travel to a mysterious island to discover the secret behind an heirloom. 49 Chiavi, the gamebook that inspired this game, was released in 2022. It soon became a best-seller puzzle adventure in Italy, gaining overwhelming praise from literary critics and becoming Novel of the Year and Librogame Magnifico in 2022.  The game will be released on Steam later this year. 

Players can already wishlist 49 Keys on Steam!

49 Keys is a narrative-focused game inspired by real magic books from the 16th century. The protagonist is a friar from the Dominican Order dealing with severe hallucinations that cause him to see demons shaped by his traumas. One day, he receives a letter from his deceased master naming him heir to his mysterious legacy. Your journey will transport you to an unsettling island filled with mysteries and macabre spirits.

Drawing inspiration from point-and-click adventures, 49 Keys blends elements such as intricate puzzle solving, interaction with objects, and creating alchemical mixtures or summoning spirits based on the influence of the stars. Players will need not only to wield their intellect but also to test their mettle and remain calm in the game’s oppressive atmosphere. As the end of the story unveils, they’ll be presented with crucial choices that will change the story’s outcome.

The UI, created by Veronica Wu, is inspired by medieval manuscripts, immersing players in a bizarre and anxious atmosphere, while the illustrations have been drawn by Fabio Porfidia.

  • Embark on a narrative horror-esoteric puzzle adventure inspired by real magic books written in the 16th century.
  • Solve puzzles, collect items, and interact with the Renaissance-inspired dark world to uncover the deepest secrets of your master’s legacy.
  • Explore up to 4 different endings based on how you played the game.
  • Enjoy the video game adaptation of the best-selling gamebook.

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