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LucasArts inspired VR game, The Secret of Retropolis, is now available on PC VR and Oculus Quest with a new MR trailer 


Tel Aviv, Israel. 

July 21, 2021. 

Just a week after its world premiere in the Cannes film festival, The Secret of Retropolis launches today on PC VR and Oculus Quest alongside a colorful mixed reality trailer. 


Watch the launch trailer here.  


The Secret of Retropolis is a VR adventure game mystery inspired by classic detective films and LucasArts point & click adventures. The game features hand drawn 3D environments, a cast of animated characters and a flying inventory.


The story takes place in Retropolis, a city inhabited by robots left behind to keep the human past alive. The player will become protagonist Philip Log, an ex-cop hired by a famous robotic movie star for a shady job. Very soon Philip will find himself uncovering the secrets behind a conspiracy that puts the very fate of Retropolis in jeopardy. 


The Secret of Retropolis is a seated game with intuitive mechanics that make the game accessible to all VR players. Using Philip Log’s stretching arms, the player can extend their reach, perform actions from afar and collect items to solve the game’s puzzles. 


The Secret of Retropolis is available on App Lab and Steam


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About Peanut Button

Peanut Button is a VR game studio established in 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. We’re three friends who literally work underground to build the immersive world of Retropolis. Our mission is to integrate the magic of old movies and retro games, with the emerging language of VR storytelling. 

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