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Happy April Fools, but like for real, this game is out  and FREE for 24 hours

STOCKHOLM, APRIL 1, 2024 - In the spirit of celebrating April Fool’s Day, developer Landfall (TABSStick Fight: The Gametoday has announced and released Content Warning - a first-person-content-creation, cooperative horror game where you and your friends will irresponsibly explore the entrance to an old forbidden world and try to film silly videos for SpookTube. The game is available for FREE on Steam for 24 hours from launch - until April 2 at 9AM PT - and will be $7.99 USD thereafter. 

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Either solo or with 2-4 players, you will squad up with in-game voice chat, customize your character using an ASCII face customizer, and plumb the depths of The Old World. There you will find creepy creatures with their own wild physics, cursed relics to discover, and of course, get up to nonsense and film it in the name of that glorious Content for the hungry internet masses in the hopes of going viral on SpookTube. What could possibly go wrong?

Since 2016 Landfall has made something special for their community every April Fool's day. Because of this the day is affectionately known as Landfall Day for the studio’s community, with some notable releases being Supertruck in 2016, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds in 2018, and Rounds in 2021. Learn more about their April fool’s history on their site. 

The team also continues to be hard at work on their previously announced and community highly anticipated title, Haste: Broken Worlds.

About Content Warning
Get famous or die trying! Content Warning is a co-op horror game where you film spooky stuff with your friends to try and go viral.

Step One: Go Down to the Old World
  • Squad up, customize your face with the ASCII face customizer, buy some gear and use the diving bell to go down to the Old World! Down there you’ll encounter scary physics-animated monsters, cursed relics and other artifacts! 
Step Two: Film something scary
  • Film as many scary things as possible before you run out of oxygen, or friends… 
Step Three: Upload to SpookTube
  • If you survive, you need to get back in the diving bell to transport you and the remaining members of your team to the surface. Upload your footage to SpooktTube and wait for the views to tick up!
And… Profit!!
  • Every run goes on for 3 days, the more scary stuff you film, the more you go viral. The ad revenue from your SpookTube videos enables you to upgrade your gear to film better videos and survive more easily in the Old World. If your team accumulates enough views in three days - you get to keep going with your SpookTube Career! 

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 About Landfall
“Smol studio staying smol. Makes physics games, also other games, sometimes funny. Doing well, now funds things sometimes, only cool stuff.” - Petter Henriksson, COO of Landfall.

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