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Kubits Gallery launch worldwide on Nintendo Switch

The most famous paintings have disappeared! Help the museum find them in this new nonogram game.

RENNES, France (Jul. 8, 2024) - Kubits Gallery The latest indie game developed by NoLan Games is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch and published by TyGAMES

Nintendo Switch:

Gasp! Every painting in the museums has vanished, they've all gone blank and no one knows why! Luckily the Kubits are taking things over control and with their help you will be able to remake all the works. Solve nonogram grids (picross) to unveil the great canvases of the history of painting around the world remade by the Kubits, these little chameleon squares who glue themselves to grids to make new images.

Kubits Gallery is a logic game for casual players where you can solve different logic puzzles on grids to create images. You can take all the time you need and relax while you solve more than 120 levels of nonogram spread across fictional galleries representing the history of painting in 3 countries.

Trailer :

  • More than 120 levels of nonogram (picross) with various difficulties

  • A journey through the history of painting, from the prehistoric times to ours

  • Fictional galleries from 3 different countries to visit

  • Accessibility features to make playing more enjoyable like undoing your moves or 3 difficulty levels

  • A modern interface, colorful and dynamic

  • Even more puzzles to come in the upcoming updates...


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