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Journey to a mysterious land of giant shadow creatures in Strayed Lights

French studio Embers flagship title Strayed Lights is coming to PC and consoles in April 2023

Strasbourg, France | January 26th, 2023 — Evocative action adventure Strayed Lights, in which you play a tiny light beset by rogue shadow creatures, will be launching on PC and consoles at the end of April. Developer Embers has dropped a reveal trailer alongside the announcement, revealing glimpses of the game’s dark and beautiful world, fluid yet challenging combat and exploration imbued with quasi-mystical themes.

Fight your inner demons and restore your balance
In Strayed Lights, you travel through otherworldly regions of misty woods, glowing ruins and corrupted cities while pursued by eerie shadow creatures. You also take on boss fights with colossal creatures wrought with unbridled emotion. 

Your tiny light will grow, picking up new abilities and increasing in size, before eventually evolving into a pseudo-mystical entity imbued with vivid powers. Meanwhile, you’ll get a glimpse at the mysteries of the surrounding world, whether through other strayed lights like yourself, or different creatures entirely. 

The game is set to an atmospheric soundtrack that reflects states of feeling in creatures you encounter, by Grammy award-winning composer Austin Wintory — whose previous projects include Journey, Abzû and The Banner Saga Series.

About Our Game
"Strayed Lights is an ode to resilience through its combat flow and story," says Alexandre Arramon, co-founder and creative director at Embers. “You face giant creatures submerged by an emotion they now personify and try to soothe them and grow in the process. We intentionally added no text or dialogue in the game to let players come up with their own interpretation."

From France-based indie games studio Embers, Strayed Lights is the team’s debut project. “We had an incredible experience developing Strayed Lights, it was a long lasting dream becoming a reality. We put our heart and soul into this and everyone at Embers is extremely proud of the outcome,” says Damien Dessagne, CEO at Embers. 

“We want players to have that amazing feeling of overcoming a tough challenge while staying accessible. We also hope they can experience a sense of wonder by exploring the world we created and the creatures in it. We can’t wait to see how players make the world of Strayed Lights their own.”

Strayed Lights will be available at the end of April 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBox Series, XBox One and Nintendo Switch. 

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