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Join the Fight for Bakugawa in Bloodless, the Stylish Non-Lethal Action-Adventure Game Launching on Steam August 29

Forsake your katana and experience the Bloodless demo from 3D Realms and Point N’ Sheep during Steam Next Fest

AALBORG, Denmark – June 6, 2024  During today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase, 3D Realms and Brazilian indie studio Point N' Sheep announced that Bloodless, the stylish action-adventure game featuring hard-hitting non-lethal combat against deadly enemies, will launch on Steam on Aug. 29, 2024. Check out Bloodless’ action-packed combat and unique pixel art style in the game’s latest gripping trailer!

Abandon your gory past and engage in non-lethal combat in Bloodless. Take on the role of Tomoe, a ronin who has since relinquished her title and katana to save Bakugawa, her old land, from the bloody grasp of Shogun Akechi. It’s up to you to become the spark of hope your people need.

Master the dash-counter to disarm and disable enemies on your journey to save your homeland. Explore a beautifully rendered pixel-art world and experience an emotional tale of redemption as you face your past to make things right.

Bloodless Features:

  • Unique Non-Lethal Combat: Tomoe has sworn not to take another life and must instead disarm her enemies. Use a combination of counters and disarming ki-attacks to defeat the shogun’s army.
  • Depth & Customization: Find your own fighting style by making use of special ki techniques that allow for unique combos, as well as enhancements from crests and herb infusions you find across the land of Bakugawa.
  • Striking Environments: Explore the sacred nature and mistreated districts of Bakugawa, where its society lives under a violent and corrupt military regime, isolated from the world and shattered by the terrors of its past wars.
  • Emotional Storytelling: Even as a coward and deserter through the eyes of her own people, ronin Tomoe returns to her former land after witnessing all the blood that a blade can shed, hoping to spark the hope and courage Bakugawa needs to fight back against its violent political methods.

Experience the pixel-precise action of Bloodless for yourself when the game’s prologue demo launches during Steam Next Fest starting June 10.

For more info, visit the official Bloodless website, and follow the game on Twitter.

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About Point N’ Sheep

Point N’ Sheep is a Brazilian indie game studio formed by five friends, emerged from a relationship built after years working together on gamedev companies and having fun on game jams. Now they build retro-modern games that provoke nostalgic experiences through striking atmospheres with fresh takes on themes and mechanics.

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