Press release

Jawbreaker, a survival horror and stealth game

Jawbreaker, a survival horror and stealth game that takes place after an economic collapse in the United States. The demo was just released on Steam and Itchio with 20,000+ downloads and over 2,000,000 views on YouTube with quite a bit of excitement; it will also be participating in Steam Next Fest in June.


The details: 

Title: Jawbreaker

Developer: Vincent Lade (Website, Steam, Twitter)

Genres: Survival Horror, Stealth, First Person, Single Player

Press KitPress Kit (contains all text, images, and more in an easy to download format)

More details: 

Platforms: PC + Console (after initial launch)

MSRP: 14.99 USD, 13.99 EUR, 11.99 GBP

Release date: Q4, 2023

Links: Steam, Epic Store, Itchio, IndieDB, Website

Description: Will you survive when the world falls apart? Jawbreaker is a survival horror game that will have you running, hiding, and fighting in a terrifying gang-infested society on the verge of collapse. Though that’s not all, once the sun goes down the true fear begins...

Demo: Steam and Itchio (coming soon to Epic Games)