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Japanese-made Splatter Horror "CRUELTY" now on sale!

■ Synopsis
"CRUELTY" is a Japanese-made splatter horror.
You were in an accident and lost consciousness.
The moment you wake up, you find yourself in a nightmare world, one that is not of this Earth. In an abattoir ruled by madness, horrific scenes unfold, and inescapable terror awaits you.
To survive, you must solve numerous mysteries in this world of fear while evading the gaze of monstrous beings as you progress.

"CRUELTY" is a third-person perspective 3D survival horror game.
Instead of engaging in combat with enemies, players must progress through stages by solving puzzles while evading or hiding from threats. Survival hinges on escaping or concealing oneself.
The playtime typically ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

・Immersive high-quality graphics utilizing the latest game engine technology
・Cinematic movie scenes
・Elaborate depictions of gore and frightening effects
・Fully-voiced for an immersive experience
・Difficulty level selection function

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Genre: 3D splatter horror
Number of players: 1
Release date: Steam (June 18, 2024), Epic Games Store (June 14, 2024), (June 14, 2024)
Regular price: $6.99
Rating: ESRB "M" for ages 17 and up, PEGI "18" for ages 18 and up
Compatibility: Windows
Supported languages: English, Japanese
Copyright: ©838sManiacs