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JANDISOFT releases new Mad World teaser video.

On the 14th, JANDISOFT announced it would release a teaser video for its MMORPG web game Mad World.
The 15-second video released this time features a scene in which the demon seems to open its eyes at the beginning, leading to high expectations for the game.
'Mad World' is a narrative unfolding within a demon-dominated worldview,
In 'Mad World', users can interact with characters that have been distorted somewhere, monsters that they have never seen before, and areas that have been devastated by extensive adventures.
Global preregistration is currently underway for 'Mad World,' and pre-registrants will receive a variety of benefits.
Further, you can purchase the Founders Pack, which is only available during the pre-registration period, at a discount of up to 55%, and you will be able to play 'Mad World' for five days before it is released.
In addition to limited edition titles and help aid packages, which can only be obtained through the Founders Pack, there are four stages in which you can choose to purchase them according to your preferences.
The pre-registration page and community of the MMORPG 'Mad World' provide more information.
Mad world teaser :
Pre-registration page: