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Infantry Open Beta Begins in War Thunder

Players are getting a completely new battlefield experience


Gaijin Entertainment announces that the infantry is now being tested in the popular online action game War Thunder. Until now, only tanks, ships, planes, and helicopters have been available to War Thunder players, even though some vehicle models have already been equipped with anti-infantry weapons. This new and long-awaited step in the evolution of War Thunder will expand the tactical possibilities for players and give them a new unforgettable experience. Infantry gear in War Thunder was created based on real-life samples and declassified information about their combat effectiveness.

Watch the War Thunder Mobile infantry announcement trailer
The open testing of the infantry tech tree in War Thunder began right away with the top sets of equipment that reflect the current level of development of these types of troops. As is well known from presentations at weapons exhibitions, a fighter today does not have to be physically developed - after all, the active exoskeleton with an active power source shoulders the main load. Such modern equipment features great protection without sacrificing mobility and allows infantry to use heavy weapons such as heavy machine guns, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile launchers. In the open beta testing of the infantry, field tests of infantry units of various specialties will be held: assault, sniper, ATGM and MANPADS operators.

Each exoskeleton incorporates a range of systems that improve the combat effectiveness and survivability of fighters in modern warfare, such as a protective helmet with a polymer visor, rocket boosters for action on the roofs of low-rise buildings, and a smoke grenade launcher system. Assault troops are armed with heavy machine guns and twin tube ATGM launchers, snipers got powerful 30mm semi-automatic anti-material sniper rifles and disposable grenade launchers, ATGM operators have an anti-tank missile system with extra ammunition and a machine gun with a grenade launcher for self-defense, and MANPADS operators gave reconnaissance UAVs, anti-aircraft missiles and heavy machine gun.

The first open test of the infantry will take place until April 17, and its participants will receive unique commemorative awards such as the “mobile warrior” title. Detailed information about the infantry and its capabilities in War Thunder is available on the game's official website.

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