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Indiana Jones-Inspired Survival Crafting Card Game Untraveled Lands: Chantico Joins Endless Replayability Fest and Releases Demo on May 13th

Tallinn, Estonia (March 28, 2024) - Untraveled Lands: Chantico, The Indiana Jones-inspired, survival crafting card game created by Tall Troll Games will participate in the Endless Replayability Fest on May 13th and will release its latest demo.

Watch the Untraveled Lands: Chantico here:Youtube

Untraveled Lands: Chantico embarks players on a thrilling journey through a card-based survival craft adventure. Immerse yourself in a world where resource gathering, survival tactics, epic battles, and unraveling mysteries hidden within a perilous jungle are paramount. Elevating traditional card game mechanics, Chantico introduces elements including expansive map exploration, engaging NPC side quests, and a dynamic weather system. Moreover, it weaves a captivating narrative with an Indiana Jones-esque allure, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting histories and myths of Mesoamerican civilizations, Untraveled Lands: Chantico delivers an experience that transports players to an era reminiscent of the 1930s, full of retro ambiance and adventurous allure that golden era is known for.

Untraveled Lands: Chantico is planned for release in Q4, 2024, with support for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, French, Polish, and Korean languages.

Key Features of Untraveled Lands: Chantico
  • Survival Crafting with Cards: Master survival with intuitive card-based crafting. Build shelters, and craft tools, and ensure your village thrives amidst the jungle's challenges.

  • Exploration: Discover hidden temples and ancient relics as you navigate through lush, uncharted territories. Each card reveals new paths and secrets in your quest for home.

  • Story-Driven Adventure: Embark on a story-driven journey, solving puzzles and uncovering the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Your choices shape the adventure in this card-driven world.

  • Dynamic Encounters: Face off against wild beasts and formidable foes. Assemble a team of allies with cards that bring strategic depth to each encounter.

  • Enhanced Replayability: Enjoy a new adventure every time with procedurally generated maps, ensuring each playthrough is unique and challenging.

  • Untraveled Lands: Chantico is set to debut on Steam later this year, with future releases planned for Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. For more information, visit the official website: an eye on the latest developments for Untraveled Lands: Chantico by following the game on X(Twitter) and staying tuned to the Steam news hub.A press kit including screenshots, key art, logos, and the new trailer is available here: Untraveled-Lands-Chantico-Press-Kit ###About Tall Troll GamesNestled in the picturesque city of Tallinn, Estonia, Tall Troll Games is an ambitious indie studio powered by a passionate team of seven. We’re committed to crafting visually stunning and highly engaging games that captivate our players and leave an enduring impression. At Tall Troll Games, we are excited to continue our journey of pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling and game design.