Press release

Image Power launches a Kickstarter campaign to produce console and enhanced edition of CREATURE LAB!

Pobierz obrazki

Image Power has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to gather additional resources for expanding their title Creature Lab today at 3 PM CET. Creature Lab is a game mashing up the horror genre with a mad scientist “simulator”, which will debut on PC on January 19th, 2023. The minimal goal of the campaign is 10,000 CAD and it will last till January 10th, 2023.

The primary goal of the campaign is gathering resources to port the game to PlayStation and Xbox family consoles, as well as Nintendo Switch.

Pobierz obrazki
Thanks to the backing of Kickstarter users, Image Power intends to prepare the Console Edition of the game, and in case the next stretch goals will be met, localize the game to further 12 languages, create a unique soundtrack, and expand the in-game content for PC and console players alike. Among additional content, they have planned an AI-controlled companion for the players named Igor, additional limbs for customization and base mutant types, and even a turn-based simplified combat system.

“We have put lots of work and creative energy into Creature Lab. I’m sure that on 19th January the game will deliver a truly unique experience for PC players awaiting their arrival. Our push towards supplying the users of every popular platform, so also consoles, with our production comes from the fact that we believe in its high quality” – said Piotr Figarski, vice president. - “With Creature Lab taking its final form, we have gathered a lot of very good ideas, which are beyond our budget. I count on the appeal of those ideas to our fans and I hope the success of our Kickstarter campaign will allow us to proceed with at least some of them.”

In Creature Lab you are literally mad. As mad as only a mad scientist can be... Years of research, years of publications… all for nothing. Your groundbreaking results did not impress anyone. So, yeah, you ended up as mad scientists usually end up. Alone, full of disappointment and anger. Completely ignored by others, you decide to make them listen, to make them pay.

  • First-person mad scientist simulator,
  • Complex resource and inventory management,
  • A strategy element - plan raids on the city and prepare for encounters with the military,
  • Thousands of different mutagens to discover - you name them all,
  • Unique body parts to grow and attach to your test subjects,
  • A unique fear mechanic that lowers the chance of your hideout being discovered,
  • Singleplayer campaign mode,
  • Endless replayability with new substances every time you play.