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Ikki Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch in April: SURVIVOR OF THE SURVIVORS 
(And no it is not an April fool)

Return of the NES Underdog!

Montpellier, April 1st, 2024
Yes, you read that right. No need to clean your glasses or pinch yourself, you’re wide awake! Ikki Unite is making a grand return in 2024! Face off against a locust plague and tax collectors threatening your very existence. Enlist up to 16 friends in this erratic multiplayer bullet hell, sprinkled with Rogue lite mechanics. 

Plug in Digital and SUNSOFT are excited to announce the release date of the Nintendo Switch version of Ikki Unite. The legendary bad game will be back on Switch this April 18th!

"Ikki Unite" is based on the original "Ikki," (also known in western countries as Boomerang and Farmers Rebellion) already an auto-shooter, the game is the true ancestor of today’s “horde survivors" games.

Once dubbed the “worst game of the 1980s,” Ikki Unite returns with a self-mocking wink and a provocative nod to its past. In a world saturated with AAA titles vying for the spotlight, Ikki Unite boldly claims its space as the real AAAAA of the year, ready to make a first impression so impactful, you’ll wonder how gaming survived without it.


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What’s New with Ikki Unite?

Ikki Unite is not just any game; it’s a 16-player online cooperative adventure that celebrates unity, cooperation, and strategy. Dive into a world where every player's contribution matters to defeat a series of mighty bosses. Play as one of the four archetypes: Explorers, Attackers, Enhancers and Healers. With rogue-lite elements ensuring a new experience each playthrough, Ikki Unite is set to become the cooperative gaming experience of the year. (And what an experience)

Ikki Unite is ready to defy expectations, provoke laughter, and maybe, just maybe, become the favorite “horde survivor” of your favorite horde survivor. Play Ikki Unite now on Steam and mark your calendars for April 18th when the game releases on Nintendo Switch! Let the insurrection begin!


SUNSOFT, a pioneering name in the gaming industry, has returned with a mission: to revive its legacy by producing memorable, unconventional games. With the launch of Ikki Unite, SUNSOFT is not just revisiting its roots but redefining them for a new generation of gamers.

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