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Hush! Can you hear? It's the reception bell!

Hotel Hustle opens its doors on Nintendo Switch consoles

Hotel Hustle is now open and ready for the arrival of guests! Straight from the RedDeer.Games developer, the frantic hotel management simulator, which can be played solo or with the cooperation of a friend, is available today on Nintendo Switch. 

Watch the release trailer for Hotel Hustle

Dear gamers, roll up your sleeves, because you'll be the one to keep it running smoothly. And it's your work that will determine guests' satisfaction with their vacation.

Working as a hotelier is a tough business. Even more so when everything is handled by one person! Prepare rooms, serve guests, fulfill their whims, and make them feel at home.

There will be plenty to do first thing in the morning. Before the arrival of travelers, you must ensure that the rooms you accommodate them in are cleaned. Vacuumed floors, fresh and perfectly arranged bedding, and more. If something is out of order guests will not hesitate to show their displeasure.

Once accommodated, an additional challenge will be special requests from guests, such as preparing a special dish. Fulfill each of them to make your customers happy and, of course, to receive a generous tip.
We are certain that you can handle the efficient management of the hotel. However, if you would like a companion in this hilarious hustle, you can always invite a friend to play. 

Hotel Hustle has a two-player cooperative mode. By acting together the work will go more smoothly, and if one of the players needs extra hands to help, the other will see it on a specially zoomed screen.

Players will receive stars for a job well done, which will unlock additional levels and increase the challenge. A total of 25 levels await players, varying in difficulty, with a new room set-up and overall lobby design, making gameplay even more challenging.

Hotel Hustle is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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