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House Party is Bringing the Shindig to Nutaku’s Gaming Platform

House Party joins the ever-increasing roster of adult-focused gaming on Nutaku a gaming platform dedicated to 18+ titles.  


Eek! Games, the creators behind the hit PC game House Party, an adventurous sexy comedy, are officially launching on Nutaku, a well known and recognizable adult gaming platform. House Party is available alongside a wide variety of professionally developed, high quality titles that are geared towards those seeking a more open and explicit adult-focused gaming experience. 

House Party is available on Nutaku now with the debut price of $24.99 and 10% OFF (22.49 USD) launch week! 

Play the Game on Nutaku Here:

Watch the video trailer:

Press and Influencers can request an early access key here

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To learn more about the creative vision behind the House Party game, listen to a past interview here.

"I'm ecstatic and humbled by the huge player base this game has grown since I started on my silly little project.  I never thought it would turn into anything this huge!  Myself and my team are dedicated to polishing up this game and bringing it out of early access and keeping a close ear on all of the overwhelmingly positive player feedback and suggestions!" -  Bobby Ricci, the CEO, and Founder of Eek! Games 

About House Party:

House Party is an open-ended social simulator mixed with a point-and-click adventure inspired by classic comedies of the 90s. Every decision changes your story and every character has something to reveal. There’s also a button to take your pants off.

If you haven’t checked out House Party game yet and want to join the over 750,000 already partying, take a look at our latest trailer to see what awaits. You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and our official forums.


About Eek! Games:

Eek! Games, based out of Oregon, was founded by programmer Bobby Ricci back in 2015. Bobby is a longtime fan of comedic adventure style games such as; Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest. Initially, he wrote a unique 3D “Character Engine” and had planned to sell it as an asset. Instead, the game House Party launched in steam early access back in June 2017. Bobby’s founding vision was to create the most absurd characters he could think of as extreme parodies of various personalities.

The game’s early access launch was an overnight sensation, selling over 30,000 copies in the first few weeks alone and continued to 300,000 total sales during the first year. Since the early access launch, the game has now fully matured as an open-ended social simulator mixed with a point-and-click adventure inspired by classic comedies of the ’90s. Every decision changes your story, and every character has something to reveal.  As of August 2019, the game met an exciting milestone, being sold to over half a million players worldwide. Learn more on the official website here

About Nutaku:

We are pushing the boundaries of art, gaming, and sexuality by partnering with illustrators and developers from around the world, bringing global artistry and deviant indie style to the adult gaming industry. It’s our goal to bring a vast selection of games to our platform, offering something for everyone. With high hopes for the future, we aim to broaden the number of games made for and by women and the LGBTQ community, catering to an array of sexual orientations and identities. We welcome all game publishers and developers to become a part of the fastest growing 18+ gaming platform.


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