Press release

Hooked On You - Profiles - See you on the beach!

We’re currently accepting reservations for your very own stay on the ever-mysterious Murderer’s Island. 
This all-inclusive singles-only getaway comes complete with full access to the staff and facilities of our island paradise, an unexpected plot filled with dark twists and turns, and the chance to mingle with any of our four Killers – ahem – guests, all of whom are eager to make your acquaintance.
We’re pleased to be able to share their profiles with you in advance. Who knows? This sneak peek could be just the thing to set you on the path to true love (or a speedy death) upon your arrival!
Meet The Trapper. He’s an apex alpha male and chiseled man-mountain who enjoys killing in caves, beaches, and pools. Put in the work to find the trapdoor to his heart and you’ll quickly learn why he’s worth snaring. Or mess up and become his latest victim. He’ll have fun either way! 
The Huntress wants it all: love, family, and someone to help her butcher men in the forest. Is she human? Beast? No idea. But her arms are out of this world! Now, this loveable squirrel-eating lady is out of the woods and ready to let Cupid’s hatchet fly in her new search for companionship.  
The Wraith is so much more than pure sex appeal. There’s a quiet, inquisitive, sensitive boy underneath that sinewy man. Did that come out super weird? Yes, it did. Are we going to change it? No, because The Wraith wouldn’t. He’ll embrace you no matter how super weird you are, and that’s what makes him special.  
The Spirit isn’t your average goth girlfriend with a love for all things ghostly – she’s a literal ghost. You can find her hanging in the shade with a stack of classic horror novels, avoiding whatever lame beach activities everyone else is into. She isn’t competing for your heart. If she wanted it, she’d just cut it out with her katana.  
We’re excited for you to get to know a new side of these loveable Killers with the release of Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating SimTM just around the corner. 
Until then, visit our new Steam page to get all the details and wishlist us!