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Help Rescue Animals In Need In ‘Spider Fox’ On STEAM™ Challenging You To A Humorous Web-Slinging Adventure

Defeat The Mad Scientist Full Of Devious Shenanigans!

April 3rd 2024: Indie game developer and publisher Planet 47 Games is proud to announce the official worldwide release of Spider Fox available today on PC via STEAM™. Spider Fox offers a fun and challenging web-slinging adventure featuring a Mad Scientist and some very peculiar animals in need of aid. Priced at USD $7.99,- the game can be purchased with a 15% launch-discount for a limited time only.
 Gameplay Trailer:
Spider Fox is no ordinary adventure game! You play as a Fox that has merged with a Spider, and your objective is to roam beautiful environments populated with all sorts of creatures and critters. The Mad Scientist has made some wild animal combinations and using the best of your skills and abilities, you must climb, and use Grappling Webs, and other items to overcome his obstacles to save the animals in need. You can upgrade things like Web and Climbing Levels as you go, and the environment is littered with items and collectibles to help you navigate map challenges. Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, get ready to embark on a ridiculously fun adventure featuring plentiful of animals to rescue and cure.

  • Beautiful environments to explore.
  • Have fun using Grappling Webs to swing through the air and help you on your quest.
  • Tons of ridiculous combined animals to see and cure.
  • You help the animals and not hurt them.
  • Each map features new animals and obstacles.
  • Upgrade your levels for things like web and climbing level.
  • Find treasure chests, hidden coins, items, and other collectibles to help you.
  • New enemies, obstacles, and webs to interact in each map.
  • Defeat the Mad Scientist.
  • “Completionists” can try to cure every animal in the game.
  • A relaxing and charming game for players of all ages
Spider Fox is available for purchase via STEAM™:
The official media-kit is available here:
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Spider Fox was inspired by the developer's 5-year-old son, who offered a lot of feedback and ideas. Together they wondered what would happen if they combined the scariest thing in the world, a spider, with one of the cutest things, a fox, and out from that premise grew a fascinating world of ideas. What began as a personal “pet” project grew into the amazing game it is today.