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Haunted Memories: The Return announced!

Haunted Memories: The Return is coming to Steam!

We are delighted to announce, our upcoming game - Haunted Memories: The Return.
Prepare to immerse yourself in the enigmatic realm of the cursed Green Park, where survival depends on your ability to uncover hidden truths through the collection of videotapes, evidence, and photographs. The game will be available on Steam!


Omnipresent cold

The cold awakens you. Dampness slowly takes away your senses feeding on your warmth. Heavy rain and wind tug at the thick, heavy fog, which seems to become even more impenetrable with each passing moment... 


You notice a sign on a large wooden board:



It is in this place where you will face your greatest fears. Isolation and loneliness will be an open door, through which you will be haunted by more than just your demons... There is always SOMEONE watching and listening.


Realistic nightmare

Haunted Memories: The Return, is a game with photorealistic graphics, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the cold and dark Green Park on your skin. By collecting files, voice recordings, videotapes, and photographs, you will be able to uncover the story behind this disturbing place. Use the UV light filter to learn the whole truth, seemingly invisible to the naked eye.


The mysterious presence will fiercely defend its secrets. You may come across clues everywhere. Fill out your form carefully, because your decisions will impact the world's future appearance.


Will you eventually escape from Green Park? Is it even possible?...




About Haunted Memories: The Return

Haunted Memories: The Return is a psychological horror game that offers a first-person body cam perspective. Use the UV filter mechanic to reveal things that are invisible to the naked eye and uncover the truth about this place. With its advanced graphics and realistic textures, the game provides a spine-chilling experience for all horror-lovers!


Press Kit:


Developer: MegaPixel Studio S.A., Mechano Games S.A.
Publisher: Forever Entertainment S.A. 


In case you have any more questions, we're happy to help! 


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