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Grokit Springs a Fresh Update with Playlist Creator, New Games, and New Avatar Options

Grok: To understand something intuitively or by empathy.

15 March 2024

Grokit, a multiplayer mixed reality hand tracking party game, has received its third major content update, Spring Sting. Following the tradition of the Spookit Halloween and Winter Blast Yuletide patches, Spring Sting brings an exciting mix of fresh microgame looks, gameplay options, and quality-of-life features. 


Worlds Collide as Space Dragon Invades Grokit

Space Dragon, a bullet hell arcade space shooter also developed by 3lb Games, comes to Grokit with a new virtual reality environment, music, and Dragon Blast, an asteroid & space mine blasting microgame!


Playlist Creator and Difficulty Ratings!

Use the new Playlist Creator to prearrange a series of games, plus choose game time length and specific or randomized order. In addition, microgames now have difficulty ratings (1-4) to help players of all skill levels choose appropriately, with some fun new twists to be discovered in different levels.  


New Games and Avatar Options!

Blast through an asteroid belt in Dragon Blast level 1, and in level 2 watch out for the dangerous space mines! Buzz around your playspace pollinating flowers in Force Bees. Get into the spring season with the butterflies in Claws Out level 1. Beware the electric eels and bomb fish of CHOMP level 2. Every game is a new experience! Additionally, color options have been added for all avatar heads!


You Asked, We Listened

Pulling from the outstanding feedback from the gaming community, 3lb has added a slew of new quality of life features to customize the Grokit experience to anyone’s desires.

  • How-to-play video animations have been added to the start of each game; gesture guides also stay on screen during games

  • Easier in-game menu! Open the hand menu with a L-shaped gesture with your palm facing you

  • Indicators on the microgame selection menu for level, seasonal skin (Original, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), and type of game (shooting, force powers, etc.)

  • A new gyroscope gizmo (look for the lock on your left) has been added to manually reposition the menus.


Grokit has been heralded as one of the best mixed reality games available by multiple popular VR content creators like Nathie, Rhys Da King, Tetiana Disco, and Matteo311. The game is built from the ground up to leverage more of what the new hardware can do, and doing it in a fun way. It's got mixed reality with passthrough and scene understanding, and is designed for hand tracking. Scene understanding allows the game to interact with the players’ real life furniture and walls for collisions and positioning. Hand tracking allows for direct interactions, with no need to deal with controllers.


Grokit is currently available for Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 2 via App Lab.


Developer and Publisher: 3lb Games Inc.

Release Date: October 14, 2023

Genre: Social, Action, Arcade


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Price: $14.99

Age Rating: E for Everyone



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Name: Lauren Moulder


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