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Good Night, Knight – a sneak-and-slash aRPG gets new trailer

Words "early access" are mostly associated with incomplete games that still need a lot of work. However, Good Night, Knight surprises with how many features, mechanics, as well as hidden content it already has, and a lot of plans ahead. Check the latest trailer and recent previews to get a glimpse of its gameplay.
February 23rd, Warsaw, Poland

Good Night, Knight is available on Steam and GOG with a 20% discount. You can check the development roadmap HERE. If you're looking for a humorous title with some RPG elements, hacking, slashing, sneaking, dungeon crawling, and many more – this game might be right up your alley!
Watch the latest trailer. A treat for those who enjoy things that are cringey and cute at the same time!
Learn more about the gameplay from this video.

Despite being in Early Access, Good Night, Knight feels like a complete title. There are no bugs or glitches in the game and the game feels complete in every aspect. – Game's Hedge

There’s such a lot in here, and this is at the beginning of a year’s planned public development. – Buried Treasure

It's really good! – Wanderbots


Good Night, Knight is a dynamic sneak-and-slash RPG that mixes procedural generation with hand-made puzzles and a darkly humorous story. Featuring heavy-hitting deliberate combat, robust stealth mechanics, threatening enemies with unique movesets, and a vast array of game-changing items to discover.

This charming 16-bit adventure is a mechanically-deep dungeon crawler featuring robust stealth, stamina management, a dynamic field-of-view system, versatile items, resource management, and much more to discover!

  • Strategic heavy-hitting combat: Skill, timing, and good positioning are key to your survival.
  • Robust stealth elements: Sneak, peek around corners, with the help of the dynamic field-of-view system, and learn where enemies are patrolling to catch them off-guard. Or hack-and-slash your way through them all!
  • Procedurally generated dungeons: Randomly generated areas and a mix of hand-made puzzles make each campaign unique and interesting.
  • Huge amounts of loot to find and equip: Mix and match gear, potions, and curses to find your preferred playstyle.
  • Risk/Reward management: Choose between retreating to rest or venturing onwards for extra rewards.
  • Extra challenges: Enable many different extra challenge modifiers for even more rewards, but don't get too greedy!
  • Prepare yourself for battle: Food, ingredients, and provisions help you stay in top shape during battles. Gather resources during combat, and manage how much to spend during preparations.
  • No permadeath: Progress is saved while advancing through the campaign. And just like real life, death can still be very costly.
  • Optional Ironman mode: In this game mode, if you die, everything is lost! Only for the toughest Knights!

Good Night, Knight is out on Steam Early Access and GOG's "Games in Development" since February 16th, 2021.

For more information about the game, visit the game's official website, join the developer's Discord, and follow Steam announcements.

PREVIEW COPIES are available. In case you're interested in a preview code (or if you'd like to interview the dev behind the game) – please contact Diana at
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No Gravity Games is a Poland-based indie boutique publisher specialized in console publishing and building up to games value.
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Started as a single-person part-time hobby project, now expanding. Good Night, Knight will be RedEmber's debut video game, yet extremely polished and feature-packed. Join the developer's Discord to be always up to date: