Press release

Ghibli-inspired adventure Europa announced for Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo IndieWorld showcase, demo out NOW!

Europa, the peaceful action adventure game that is heavily inspired by the world of Ghibli, has taken part in the April 17, 2024 Nintendo IndieWorld Showcase, where it was revealed that the game will be coming out on Nintendo Switch as well as PC (other consoles to follow). A demo on Nintendo Switch has surprise launched and is available now. 


About the Game

On the moon Europa, a lush terraformed paradise in Jupiter’s shadow, an android named Zee sets out in search of answers. Run, glide, and fly across the landscape, solve mysteries in the ruins of a fallen utopia, and discover the story of the last human alive.


Europa is a peaceful game of adventure, exploration and meditation. As you travel you’ll gradually upgrade the capabilities of your Zephyr jetpack, boosting yourself further through the air until you can flow freely into the sky.



  • A breathtaking world of lakes, meadows and mountains to explore, scattered within the remains of a fallen civilisation

  • Free-flowing movement that empowers you to glide serenely from boost to boost, building power and momentum over time

  • Uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and navigate hidden dangers in the ruins

  • An intimate story about growing up and humanity’s relationship with nature


About Helder Pinto / Novadust Entertainment

Europa has been Helder’s passion project since 2017, alongside his “proper job” as an art director working on games such as Overwatch and Diablo 3. More recently he’s enlisted a crack squad of friends, Alex Petherick-Brian (programming), Craig Harris (animation) & Brian Horn (narrative and cinematics), alongside some other wildly talented folks to help make Europa the best game it can be, with the new team working under the banner of Novadust Entertainment. Europa is slated to launch in 2024 with assistance from indie publisher Future Friends Games. 


About Future Friends Games

Future Friends was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: help indie games get the love they deserve. Though initially focused on PR, the company has now branched out into publishing, with their debut titles Omno, Exo One and Festival Tycoon launching in 2021. They are currently working on Laysara: Summit Kingdom, Europa, Gourdlets, Kibu, SUMMERHOUSE & Exo Rally Championship, alongside some other very exciting unannounced things!